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François Mitterrand

The French President from 21st May 1981 to 7 May 1995. After two terms.

Mitterrand declined to stand for a third term because he had prostrate Cancer.

Mitterrand died on 8 January 1996 at the age of 79.

He may have chosen to take his own life by lethal injection

Mitterand and the Devil Mitterand at the Tour Magdala
French President Mitterrand during his visit to Rennes le Chateauu during his 1981 election campaign.

The Dirty Tricks career of François Mitterrand

Glass Pyramid at the Louvre

The Louvre Pyramid commissioned by Mitterrand.

Axe Historique

At the start of the Axe Historique

There is a quite genuine link between François Mitterrand and Pierre Plantard.

In 1993, Plantard’s name came up in light of a political scandal involving a close friend of then French president Francois Mitterrand. Plantard had, in one of his documented lists of the Priory of Sion, listed Roger-Patrice Pelat as a Grand Master.

Plantard thought that the Multi-Millionaire Pelat, who was the financial backing of the French President François Mitterrand was the member of the Prieuré de Sion  secret society. He probably was it's just that Plantard didn't have any proof only a hunch. Contrary to popular opinion pushed as fact by some commentators Plantard didn't use the words 'he made everything up' about the Priory of Sion he said that he didn't have the proof that Pelat was a Grand Master. Although Pierre Plantard "officially retired" from Priory of Sion activities during the mid-1980s following a conflict with the French author Jean-Luc Chaumeil, who discovered details about Plantard's past and published the Statutes of the Alpha Galates, Plantard claimed that Roger-Patrice Pelat was one of its Grand Masters during the interim period of 1984-1992. See here for an explanation.

When Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre became the presiding French Judge heading the enquiry into the Patrice Pelat financial corruption scandal of the 1980s, Plantard voluntarily came forward during the 1990s offering evidence to the enquiry, claiming that Pelat had been a "Grand Master of the Priory of Sion". The Judge ordered a search of Plantard's house which uncovered a hoard of Priory of Sion Documents, claiming Plantard to be the "true King of France" – the Judge subsequently detained Plantard for a 48 hour interview and, after asking Plantard to swear on Oath – Plantard admitted that he made everything up about Pelat; whereupon Plantard was given a serious warning and advised not to "play games" with the French Judicial System. This happened in September 1993 and it was all reported in the French Press of the period.

 Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre
Thierry Jean-Pierre, was born July 27 1955 at Mende and died on 26 July 2005 , was a treasury inspector and a judge , then a politician and finally a lawyer French native of La Reunion .

 Judge Thierry graduated from the National School of Magistracy in 1986 and began his career as a district judge at Le Mans . Appointed magistrate in 1988 , it is the origin of the Urba affair in 1991 and discovered an interest free loan amounting to one million francs to Pierre Bérégovoy , Prime Minister from April 1992 to March 1993 under the presidency of François Mitterrand. This loan was given by Roger-Patrice Pelat in 1986 and Plantard alleged that he was Grand Master of the Priory of Sion at the time having taken over from Philippe de Cherisey. Thierry Jean-Pierre was finally taken off the case of the Urba affair .  In 1993 he, as a member of the judiciary, was asked to fight against corruption in the judiciary.

Roger-Patrice Pelat was found dead and taken to an American military hospital whilst the Urba trial was in progress and the body was cremated before an autopsy was made. Pelat had been found guilty in the Pechiney Triangle Affair

Thierry Jean-Pierre then retired from the court to engage in the political side of Philippe de Villiers then Nicolas Sarkozy and was elected MEP (Liberal).  He was treasurer of the Liberal Democracy of 1997 to 2002 and during the 2002 presidential election , he was a member of the campaign committee for nomination of Alain Madelin .  He retired from politics in 2004 but continued his activities as a lawyer of the Bar of Paris , an activity he had held since 20. Clearly the impartiality of Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre in the case against Plantard, Pelat and Mitterrand is called into question here.

As an MEP he filed 2 May 2000 the Paris prosecutors about the network Echelon , and accusations contained in a report in October 1999 in Parliament .  Three weeks later, the public prosecutor of Paris commissioned the CSD to investigate the spying widespread communications by the "Anglo-Saxons."

Thierry last case was the Taiwan frigates affair in which he fought against the secrecy of military development. He is buried in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise

The strange death of Pierre Bérégovoy

There is strong opinion in some quarters that Pierre Bérégovoy was executed. If main stream opinion is to be believed we have not one but two suicides associated with this scandal.  Bérégovoy had been found with two bullets in the head in the area of Nièvre, a favourite haunt of François Mitterrand.  Pierre Bérégovoy died on 1 May (Beltane) 1993, in Paris after being transported by helicopter from Nevers (Nièvre), Bérégovoy's death came on the eve of the opening of a new trial concerning the acquisition of Triangle by Péchiney. His wife expressed some doubt about whether his death actually was a suicide, mainly because he had not left a suicide note, and that his note pad, which he always kept in his pocket, had disappeared.

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