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The Paul Smith Page


Paul Smith has achieved fame as the arch debunker of the Rennes le Chateau mystery.

He now spends so much time on this that debunking this mystery has clearly become a nice little earner for him.

Paul Smith refuses to enter into debate with me. In short - I terrify him.

Every time I e-mail him pointing out his numerous anomalies, his response is to immediately change the subject, call me a Plantard junkie and ban my mail address.

He is the principle motivation for me constructing this website. Here his every argument is blown apart.

I hope that eventually this website will become so in his face that he will be forced into an open debate instead of his normal practice of sniping from a distance.


Henry Lincoln has challenged Paul Smith to a TV debate several times, Smith has refused on every occasion.

That tells a story about the validity of Mr Paul Smith.


Robin Crookshank Hilton – Peddling Plantard Today - A character assassination by Smith with no substance whatsoever. Not worth reading as it contains no facts and no proofs just a tirade of opinions and obfuscations.

However you can read her article here


Stenay and the Myth

Rhymes with Smith

Michael Baigent Profile and The Jesus Papers Reviewed - More pedantic drivel from Smith. Smith says he reviews this book and hardly mentions it at all.

This author is still reading this book and will give a comment later.

Couple of interesting statements though.

  1. We are now able to officially state that the PRIORY OF SION has no direct or indirect connection with the ORDER OF THE TEMPLE, and that all this fantastic succession of Grand-Masters that authors such as Philippe TOSCAN, Mathieu PAOLI, Henry LINCOLN, Michael BAIGENT, Richard LEIGH, etc. have attributed to it derive merely from people’s imaginations and the realm of fantasy" (in an article entitled Some Archives Of The ‘Priory Of Sion’ Discovered In Barcelona… by "Ursanne").

    We are now able to officially state So presumably at some stage before they weren't able to officially state.

    This I presume comes from the interview by Gino Sandri (Link here) 'methinks they protest too much' here.

    The people in question are Andre Chénier and the Abbé Delille who have done far more research than the likes of Smith could only dream about it.

    "realm of fantasy" Thanks for the opinion we'll let you know.


  2. Tony Robinson:
    Do we have any evidence that there was a child?

    Michael Baigent:
    There's none whatsoever – that’s purely hypothesis on our part – but I think it's a plausible hypothesis - that the Holy Grail is the bloodline of David – and if Jesus and Mary Magdalene had been married and she was pregnant with this child – "yes, she would have carried the Grail to France" – and I think this is the way that we need to look at this material – Is it true? I don't know – Is it plausible? Yes.

    Tony Robinson:
    So the inspiration for 'The Da Vinci Code' and a whole Canon of secret Grail Hunts is no more than a Big Guess...

    Ah the Channel 4 programme 'The real Da Vinci Code', we rip that programme apart here.

    So do you have any independent evidence that there was ever a Jesus? Never mind a child of Jesus?

    No Flavius Josephus mentions CHRIST  in “Jewish Antiquities”, Book 18, Chapter 3, Paragraph 3 and Christ means anointed one and there were thousands of these in the first century CE. He mentions Judas though, now that's topical.

     I've had some who say that their version of Josephus says Jesus so my question to those people who have their own SPECIAL copy is:

    As there are TWO Jesus' mentioned in the New Testament Colossians 4:11, to which one is Josephus referring?

    What an absolute plonker you are Robinson. Live-glass-stones-people-houses-throw-shouldn't. If you ask for evidence of a child don't assume the moral high ground until you've first established independent proof of the existence of Jesus.

Two Faked Photographs - Smith seems to be blaming Lincoln here. There's no evidence Lincoln did it. He's just been given the wrong photograph nothing sinister here. As for the Emma Calve stone, I think Lincoln has regarded this a little suspect from day one.
Sion Revelation - More Fantasies From Picknett and Prince -

"through their promotion of distorted allegations based upon proven discredited material"

Which proven discredited material would that be? Lets debate it. Oh I forgot you don't do debates.

"During the late 1980s Geoffrey Basil Smith informed me that he destroyed his Priory of Sion archive when I enquired about the correspondence he received from Philippe de Chérisey – Picknett and Prince in turn claim that Geoffrey Basil Smith showed this material to them in 1999 and yet Geoffrey Basil Smith cannot prove their allegations to be correct because he recently informed me that these letters "mysteriously vanished". This is fact."

So what was in this correspondence, are you going to tell us Smith? Or does it damage your case?

Pierre Plantard the Traditionalist Roman Catholic -

"The insertion of the name of Jean Cocteau into the fictional Grand Masters List of the fictional Priory of Sion was Philippe de Chèrisey's suggestion, on account of his interest in surrealism and nothing else."

Proof Please. Stop making the story up and defend yourself with proof. Your bluff has been called.

Wikipedia - Priory of Sion - Haven't read 'The Messianic Legacy' have you Smith?

Plantard stated in the meeting in Chaumiel mother's Art galley with Lincoln and the BBC that Philippe de Chèrisey  had made a copy. But it only deals with one parchment (the Dagobert one) and there were two remember. The bad news for you Smith is that Philippe de Chèrisey could not possibly have written the second (Poussin) parchment and I have proven it here. Chaumiel is lying. Lincoln stated in 'The key to the Sacred Pattern' that de Cherisey had been making notes on the solution and promised to show Henry Lincoln, but he died before he had seen them. Is this what Chaumiel has?

Priory of Sion Essential Books -

"The version of the "Priory of Sion" involving Godfrey de Bouillon, the Knights Templars and the Merovingians was a figment of Pierre Plantard’s imagination dating from the early 1960s when he first met Gérard de Sède and began collaborating with him on the Gisors story, that was first begun by Roger Lhomoy (Lhomoy was Gérard de Sède’s pig-farmer at the time). This romantic fabrication was concocted by Plantard at that time in order to make money and nothing else – no "hidden esoteric secrets" were involved. The Rennes-le-Château "connection" was introduced sometime later."

So what was that foremost expert on the Crusades Rene Grousset referring to in 1934 when he spoke about a "Royal Tradition" that ensured Baudouin I younger brother of Godfroi de Bouillon would become King of Jerusalem and would be equal to the Kings of Europe? This has nothing to do with the Priory of Sion documents, this is from a very respected historian.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail Illustrated Edition

"As far as the pool is concerned I can only tell you not to pay too much attention to Henry’s gobbledegook! – for it seems to me that’s what all that business about ‘underlying geometry’ is! In fact, when Henry used all his maps there was nothing at the absolute centre of the Pentagram he drew on the map. The pool was hundreds of yards (if I remember correctly) away from the centre which fell on a scree slope. The pool itself is in a farmer’s field near a secondary road and the old man in a nearby house told us it was a pool used by the local women to wash their clothes before piped water. The trees provided a screen to stop the water evaporating in the hot summer sun."

Well as Mandy Rice Davis ( a Prostitute in the Profumo affair) once said " They would say that wouldn't they". You telling me that they made it in the middle of the field so they could do their washing? With no path to it? Surrounded it by trees so it wouldn't evaporate? And they constructed it specifically for that purpose? So if it evaporates then it's no good for drinking after they've washed in it as it clearly isn't fed from a source. So what did they use for drinking water?

Oh and erm what about the rest of the book?

Children of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail  -

I've got your number now. By the way Barbara Thiering has used nothing from the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. She's a Doctor of Theology of more than thirty years experience. A little difficult to argue against N'est-ce Pas?

Da Vinci Code Documentaries

Timewatch: The History of a Mystery
BBC 2 (InVision Productions), 17 September 1996
Written and Directed by William Cran
Character assassination of Paul Schellenberger and Richard Andrews authors of  'The Tomb of God'.  Interview hijack and ambush.

In Search of History: The Holy Grail
The History Channel (FilmRoos, Inc; A & E Television Networks), December 1997
Executive Producer Bram Roos
Produced by Truusje Rushner

In Search of The Holy Grail
The Learning Channel/Discovery Communications/New York Times (Bluebrook Films), 18 February 2003
Produced and Directed by Bruce Burgess

Legend Hunters: The Holy Grail - the real story (Pilot Episode)
Discovery: Travel Channel US (Partners In Motion), 11 April 2003
Producer: Paul Compton
Executive Producer: Ron Goetz

Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci
ABC News Productions, 3 November 2003
Directed by Rudy Bednar, Presented and Written by Elizabeth Vargas

Investigating History: The Holy Grail
The History Channel (Kurtis Productions Ltd), 26 April 2004
Produced by Sharon Barrett, Presented by Bill Kurtis

Featured Michael Baigent; Professor Malcolm Barber; Dr Robert Eisenman; Dr Barbara Frale; uncredited contribution from an individual who claimed that Flying Saucers visited the village of Rennes-le-Château.
Jean Luc Chaumeil believes Aliens are running this planet. He wrote a book about them.

Behind The Mysteries: Unlocking Da Vinci's Code - The Full Story
(updated version of the ABC documentary above)
The National Geographic Channel (ABC News Productions), 19 December 2004
Produced by Jean Marie Condon and Yael Lavie, Presented and Written by Elizabeth Vargas

Beyond The Da Vinci Code
The History Channel (Weller/Grossman Productions in association with Paulist Productions), 16 January 2005
Directed by Will Ehbrecht

The Real Da Vinci Code
Channel Four Television (Wildfire Television), 3 February 2005
Produced by Simon Raikes, Presented by Tony Robinson
Although the theme of this partially concerned the feminine looking figure in Da Vinci's Last Supper (with no chalice) they skilfully side stepped the fact that there's a similar set of four stained glass windows in Hodnet Church near to Shugborough Hall featuring a female looking John holding a chalice. Even though the TV team had actually visited there. Clearly they had an agenda to fulfil.

Conspiracies On Trial: The Da Vinci Code
The Discovery Channel (Outline Productions), 10 April 2005
Directed by Harry Beney

Secrets To The Code
Dateline: NBC (NBC Universal, Inc), 13 April 2005
Broadcast Producer Elizabeth Cole, Presented by Stone Phillips

The Grail Trail: In Pursuit of The Da Vinci Code
ITV (Granada), 26 September 2005
Produced and Directed by Matt Cain
Executive Producer: Gillian Greenwood
Narrated by Caroline Quentin

Da Vinci Declassified
The Learning Channel (Beantown Productions, Discovery Communications, Inc), 3 November 2005
Executive Producers: David Carr; David Comtois
Producer, Frankie Glass

Revealed... The Da Vinci Code Myth
Channel Five (Weller/Grossman Productions; Love Productions), 29 November 2005
Director/Senior Editor Will Ehbrecht
Narrated by Mark Halliley

Legend Detectives: The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château
Discovery Channel (IPM TV Ltd), 9 December 2005
Produced and Directed by Michael Hutchinson

Opus Dei & The Da Vinci Code
Channel Four Television (CTVC), 12 December 2005
Produced and Directed by Jeremy Jeffs
Written and Presented by Mark Dowd

Terra X: Geheimakte Sakrileg – Der Mythos von Rennes-le-Château
ZDF (ifage-Filmproduktion GmbH), 15 January 2006
Directed by Georg Graffe

The Da Vinci Code – Bloodlines ("Digging for the Truth" series)
The History Channel (JWM Productions, LLC), 27 March 2006
Hosted by Josh Bernstein
Directed and Written by Brian Leckey

Featured Alice Jouve, Tuvia Fogel, Timothy Wallace-Murphy, Professor Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Daniel Perrier, Kent Dobson, Archbishop Malki Murad

* This documentary did a DNA testing on the remains of a 1,400 year-old Merovingian Queen (Aregund, the wife of Clothar I), which failed to produce any near-Eastern origin.

That's probably because it was CLOTHAR 1 (LOTHAR 1) who was the son of Clovis 1 who was from the Meroveus bloodline (Grandson) and Clothilde of Burgundy who wasn't. Aregund? She just married into the family and wasn't bloodline at all.

You checked the wrong one [FX sound of donkey braying.] One set of donkey ears coming right up..

Da Vinci's Code ("Is It Real?" series)
National Geographic Television & Film, 24 April 2006
Produced by Amy Doyle

The Secret of the Priory of Sion
CBS News '60 Minutes' (CBS Worldwide Inc.), 30 April 2006
Presented by CBS Correspondent Ed Bradley
Produced By Jeanne Langley

The Da Vinci Code – The Greatest Story Ever Sold (‘Time Shift’ series)
BBC Four (BBC Bristol), 1 May 2006
Directed by Matthew Pelly; Producer Georgina Harvey
Narrated by Michael Pennington

* Quoting David Aaronovitch: "I am older than the Priory of Sion", and "One of the things I think is interesting about this, is the way in which the authors of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail have never, as far as I know, turned round to the rest of the world, and said, ‘It was a load of rubbish.
[That's probably because it isn't] Terribly sorry and all that. We are not going to give the money back cos we’ve spent it all and we did do quite a lot of work and we were hoaxed too, but actually, it’s all complete and utter tosh’."

Thanks for the opinion Dave we'll let you know

* Quoting Jonathan Riley-Smith: "What Holy Blood, Holy Grail, did, was to dismiss reputable evidence which didn’t go with its theories.  Accept disreputable evidence and fill in the gaps where there was no evidence at all."
[For instance? Wanna debate it? Oh I forgot you people don't do debates] WE DO SEE HERE ARE YOU UP FOR IT?

Revealed... The Man Behind The Da Vinci Code
Channel Five Television (Diverse Productions Ltd), 10 May 2006
Produced and Directed by Ian Bremner
Narrated by John Shrapnel

Featured Henry Lincoln, Professor Brian Ford, Sharan Newman, Dr Helen Nicholson, John Edwin Wood, Erling Haagensen, Dr Jim Bennett, Ed Danson, Peter Barber (with archive footage of Professor Christopher Cornford)

* Documentary primarily made for escapist entertainment rather than for historical elucidation – shameless vehicle for books like The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and The Templars' Secret Island.....

Angels & Demons – The True Story
Channel Five Television (Hidden Treasures Production; Love Productions), 10 May 2006
Produced and Directed by Stephen Franklin
Narrated by Paul McGann

Featured Dr Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Mark Irving, Simon Cox, Dan Burstein, George Lechner, Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lindsay Johns, James Wasserman, Dr Michael Barkun, Peter Sandford, Dr Amy Bernstein, Greg Tobin, Dr Antonio Sennis

Richard Hammond and The Holy Grail
BBC One, 21 May 2006
Produced and Directed by James Hayes

Welcome to the alternative to the Priory-of-Sion.com website that provides the salient facts about the lies told about the Priory of Sion and Rennes-le-Château.

Find out all the
TRUTH about the Abbé Bérenger Saunière and Pierre Plantard here!

Was the Abbé Bérenger Saunière really wealthy and did he discover a treasure and parchments or was he just another French priest?
Take a walk into his church and you'll know straight away

Was Pierre Plantard really the Grand Master of several secret societies
(actually he was one of three who claimed the position) and the direct descendant of the Merovingian Kings? Possibly one of thousands I suspect. What is the real truth about Pierre Plantard’s life? What indeed?

Real answers to these questions can all be found on this website.

Bérenger Saunière’s "wealth" is a myth that first originated during the mid-1950s. Saunière’s entire estate was only valued at 18,000 Francs by the Credit Foncier de France in 1913 when Saunière had asked it for a loan because by that time he did not have enough money to even buy food.

"Bérenger Saunière’s "wealth" is a myth that first originated during the mid-1950s."

Proof Please? I hereby give notice that all of your bluffs will be called.

This was not the first time that Abbé Saunière had asked for a loan in order to eat. Abbé Saunière lived in poverty for most of his life except for the period between 1896-1905 and we have the relevant paperwork to prove it – Abbé Saunière lived from the selling of masses during the years 1896-1905 and the paperwork for that exists as well.

Saunière's wealth was either spent or given to Marie Denarnaud, it is true that most of his income dwindled from 1905 onwards and during the war years as he was unable to travel. He kept his own records of his selling of masses, a little strange that he should keep records of the very thing that could get him into trouble. Most Priests had been guilty of selling masses, Saunière probably kept records that condemned himself because he did not wish for too many enquiries into where he really got the money. There was nothing special about Saunière in regard to this matter. The only thing that unusual about Saunière was his expenditure. WE have the relevant paperwork for this too. It is not certain that Saunière ever had ANY money of his own, but boy did he spend it.

Here is a small section from one of his so-called lean years


22-janv 307,50 F Maison de la bonne presse Paris Abonnements  

3-mars 21,75 F Mr Ribes Limoux Librairie Papeterie  

6-mars 6,25 F Mr Méric Limoux Librairie Papeterie  

13-mars 9,30 F Mr Gélis Carcassonne Horticulteur  

27-mai 167,00 F Mr Issac Carcassonne Vêtements ecclésiastiques  

4-juin 227,50 F Mr Sabatier Carcassonne Distillerie  

juillet 7 045,95 F Maison Noubel Carcassonne Meubles  

17-juil 1 630,50 F Mr Rieu Limoux Vêtements  

22-juil 9,00 F Mr Trintignant Nîmes Horticulteur  

11-août 15,00 F Mr Gally Carcassonne Papeterie  

7-sept 64,00 F Mr Bousquié Carcassonne Porcelaines  

24-nov 12,40 F Mr Bonnafous Carcassonne Librairie  

7-déc 85,57 F Mr Firmin Montazels Chaux et ciments  

17-déc 281,95 F Mr Blain Limoux Epicerie


Note that he spent 7 045,95Francs on Furniture. That is over half as much again on the estimate he received for the rebuilding of the whole church. He had spent 5 011,70 F with the same company on 28th Oct the previous year.

Over 12000 francs for furniture alone and wait until you see his bread bill. But I guess somehow Saunière's records here wont be believed whereas his ones for his selling masses will be. Selective evidence will become a well represented feature on this website. His housemaid Marie Denarnaud never worked again for 40 years after Saunière's death, nice little earner this selling of masses.

Question for you. What would a man who has a guaranteed large income want with a bank account? What's he saving for? A rainy day? There's not going to be any rainy days. The money comes in and if you haven't got anything to spend it on at that moment, you give it away. Which is precisely what Sauniere did.

Monsignor Billard, Abbé Saunière's Bishop, was far more wealthier - he inherited over a million Francs in 1891 from a rich widow and he too, lived from selling masses and, like Abbé Saunière, was eventually to become suspended from his sacerdotal duties over allegations relating to financial impropriety within the Church.

So let me get this straight. He inherits a large amount of money but sells masses for money - Erm! WHY?

Pierre Plantard was a lifelong charlatan and confidence trickster – his 1937-1954 activities involving confidence trickery, anti-semitic and anti-masonic activities are provided in File Ga P7 which is available for public inspection at the Paris Prefecture of Police, 9 Boulevard du Palais, 75195 Paris (Monsieur Claude Charlot, is the Director of Museum Archives of the Bureau of Associations at the Paris Prefecture of Police, for written enquiries).

Presumably a point will be forth coming from this. So he's anti-semitic and anti-masonic so by some twisted logic we are to assume he's a liar too?

References to Pierre Plantard’s criminal convictions are available for public inspection at the Sub-Prefecture of Saint Julien-en-Genevois, 4 Avenue de Geneve, 74164 Saint Julien-en-Genevois, Haute-Savoie (Monsieur Serge Champanhet, is the Secretary General of the Sub-Prefecture, for written enquiries – the letter dated 8 June 1956 by the Mayor of Annemasse to the Sub Prefect contained in File Number KM 94550 which holds the 1956 Priory of Sion Registration Documents must be cited in the written enquiry).

Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi all had a spells in prison. He was anti mason, you said so. Everyone knows that when you're anti-mason and anti-semitic and you're effective you'll have trumped up charges made against you.

Pierre Plantard’s Judicial Archives are held in the Tribunal de Grand Instance de Thonon-les-Bains. But these unfortunately are not available for public inspection due to the French Privacy Law.

So why mention them? Smith hasn't got the first damn clue what's in them.

Pierre Plantard got into serious trouble in 1993 with Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre because he claimed that Roger Patrice Pelat was a "Grand Master of the Priory of Sion" - and the Judge was heading an investigation into Pelat’s activities that involved financial improprieties - it was following this incident in September 1993 that Plantard ceased his Priory of Sion activities and lived out the rest of his life in isolation.

Somehow Smith seems to think that because these people were bad then the whole story must be fake. I guess there must be some logic there somewhere.


Pierre Plantard, Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre
and the End of the Priory of Sion in 1993

Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre
Thierry Jean-Pierre, born July 27 1955 at Mende and died on 26 July 2005 , was a treasury inspector and a judge , then a politician and finally a lawyer French native of La Reunion .

 He graduated from the National School of Magistracy in 1986 and began his career as a district judge at Le Mans . Appointed magistrate in 1988 , it is the origin of the Urba affair in 1991 and discovered an interest free loan amounting to one million francs to Pierre Bérégovoy , Prime Minister from April 1992 to March 1993 under the presidency of François Mitterrand. This loan was given by Roger-Patrice Pelat in 1986 and Plantard alleged that he was Grand Master of the Priory of Sion at the time having taken over from Philippe de Cherisey. Thierry Jean-Pierre was finally taken off the case of the Urba affair .  In 1993 he, as a member of the judiciary, was asked to fight against corruption in the judiciary.

Roger-Patrice Pelat was found dead and taken to an American military hospital whilst the Urba trial was in progress and the body was cremated before an autopsy was made. Pelat had been found guilty in the Pechiney Triangle Affair

Pierre Bérégovoy died on 1 May (Beltane) 1993, in Paris after being transported by helicopter from Nevers (Nièvre), where he had been found an hour earlier, in a coma with two bullets in the head. Bérégovoy's death came on the eve of the opening of a new trial concerning the acquisition of Triangle by Péchiney. His wife expressed some doubt about whether his death actually was a suicide, mainly because he had not left a suicide note, and that his note pad, which he always kept in his pocket, had disappeared.

Thierry Jean-Pierre then retired from the court to engage in the political side of Philippe de Villiers then Nicolas Sarkozy and was elected MEP (Liberal).  He was treasurer of the Liberal Democracy of 1997 to 2002 and during the 2002 presidential election , he was a member of the campaign committee for nomination of Alain Madelin .  He retired from politics in 2004 but continued his activities as a lawyer of the Bar of Paris , an activity he had held since 20. Clearly the impartiality of Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre in the case against Plantard is called into question here.

As an MEP he filed 2 May 2000 the Paris prosecutors about the network Echelon , and accusations contained in a report in October 1999 in Parliament .  Three weeks later, the public prosecutor of Paris commissioned the CSD to investigate the spying widespread communications by the Anglo-Saxons.
 His last fight was the Taiwan frigates affair in which he fought against the secrecy of military development.
 He is buried in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise

Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre

Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre


Although Pierre Plantard "officially retired" from Priory of Sion activities during the mid-1980s following a conflict with the French author Jean-Luc Chaumeil, who discovered details about Plantard's past and published the Statutes of the Alpha Galates, Plantard did not stop contriving his schemes – he continued underground with his Priory of Sion fantasies and later revived it in a different form with a different myth and pedigree in 1989, claiming that Roger-Patrice Pelat was one of its Grand Masters during the interim period of 1984-1992. See here for an explanation.

When Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre became the presiding French Judge heading the enquiry into the Patrice Pelat financial corruption scandal of the 1980s, Plantard voluntarily came forward during the 1990s offering evidence to the enquiry, claiming that Pelat had been a "Grand Master of the Priory of Sion". The Judge ordered a search of Plantard's house which uncovered a hoard of Priory of Sion Documents, claiming Plantard to be the "true King of France" – the Judge subsequently detained Plantard for a 48 hour interview and, after asking Plantard to swear on Oath – Plantard admitted that he made everything up; whereupon Plantard was given a serious warning and advised not to "play games" with the French Judicial System. This happened in September 1993 and it was all reported in the French Press of the period. This was the reason for the final termination of the Priory of Sion in 1993 and the subsequent life-in-hiding for Pierre Plantard, never to reappear in public again or to be involved with his Priory of Sion fantasy again.

Between 1993 and his death in 2000 Pierre Plantard shuttled backwards and forwards from Barcelona, Perpignan and Paris. His remains were cremated when he died in February 2000.
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Plantard ONLY admitted that he made everything up about Pelat  about his status as a Priory of Sion Grand Master.


The Priory of Sion still operates. See Here

Plantard thought that the Multi-Millionaire Pelat, who was the financial backing of the French President François Mitterrand was the member of the Prieuré de Sion  secret society. He probably was it's just that Plantard didn't have any proof only a hunch. In any case Plantard didn't use the words 'he made everything up' he said that he didn't have the proof.

This is a deliberate attempt at deception, Smith should immediately alter his ambiguous statement.


Francois Mitterand at Rennes le Chateau