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MEGALITH STUDYCeltic Cross Mystery

DisclTHE FORUMaimer

Walk in, ye lovers of true
Science, ye friends of genuine and real learning, who would assist
her in the arduous struggle in which she is engaged, and aid
her rapidly-approaching triumph o'er her barbarous foes, the
priests and priest-ridden dunces, who, with all their pretended
zeal and attachment to the gospel, when brought to the test of
rational criticism, stand convicted of knowing no more about
the gospel than the gospel knows about them. They have but
fed on the husks and shells of knowledge. Here we have the
Extract from
The Devils Pulpit
by The Reverend Robert Taylor


The name of Jesus
Is the Sun
The Sun disc and the twelve angels
or Zodiac Signs

I H S pronounced 'Yes' is Hebrew for fire or the Sun
[Greek H being the uncial form of the letter eta]

IHS stands for the Greek letters “iota”, “eta” and “sigma”.
Writing in our alphabet, “IHS” equals “JHS” or “JHC”.
The pronunciation of this
word is “JES”, which is a shorthand for “Jesus”.
Jes-us is male
Jes-a would be female

Jesus and the sun are the same.

Jesus is the sun!
Jesus Christ is God’s sun.
The sun is the risen savior.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the name of the “Sun” god was “Ra”, the one who “RA”diates.
In churches, you will often see the letters “IHS” on books, altars, baptismal fonts etc.
always pictured with a symbol of the sun around it.
As is the crucified Saviour in the Sauniére's garden

So this “IHS” is a Christogram, a monogram which is an abbreviation of the name of “Jesus”.

The early Christians were called: “Helionostics” which means “Those who have knowledge of the Sun”.
In Hebrew “yes”, or “jes” means fire or the sun! The name of the sun in Hebrew is Michael, or Emanuel.

In India, it is: Krishna, Brahma, Shiva or Jes-Christna.
In Egypt, it is: Ra, Horus, Seth, Atum, Aman.

In the “Nag Hammadi” teachings is written that:
“Christ is the true life and the sun of life”.

So what was Saunière up to?
A clue!
Calvaire Sauniere's Garden

Jes-us the Sun Deity facing the sunset due west.
Symbolically nailed to the Cross. 
What was it Saunière said at the bottom of this?


"Friends please look at our Cross."

So let's look
At the bottom it said

Almost the same as at the bottom of the Obelisk in St Peter's Square.

View Larger Map
Saint Peter's Square with the Obelisk taken from Heliopolis
Sun (Helios) City (Polis)
The old Egyptian name for Heliopolis was ON
and so
are three names referring to the Sun
The word Temple is from the Greek  τέμενος
The space of sky which the augur marked off with his lituus by imaginary lines, the cardo 
from north to south and the decumanus from east to west, thus dividing
the space observed into four regions (
Serv. ad Aen. 1.92; Varro, L. L. 7.7). 
Note: Cardo is similar to the name Cardou, a mountain near to Rennes le Chateau

Yes the Temple of Solomon is the Temple of the Sun
divided into Zodiac signs or Houses.
And we even have a local mountain mentioned
The hinge point.

and The Order of the Solar Temple once tried to buy the Villa Bethania
Ordre du Temple Solaire
Sprayed on the side of the Marie at Rennes les Bains
the sign for the Ordre du Temple Solaire.

The Solar Temple was founded in 1984 as the Ordre International Chevalresque Tradition Solaire by Luc Jouret (1947-1994) and Joseph Di Mambro (1924-1994). Jouret was born in the Belgian Congo, but as a youth his parents returned to Belgium where he attended the Free University of Brussels and became a physician. After a short time in the army, he took training as a homeopathic physician and established a practice in France. In the early 1980s he became a popular speaker on alternative medicine in French-speaking Europe and Quebec. His travels brought him into contact with Di Mambro. Di Mambro was a French jeweler and watchmaker who as a young man had joined the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis (AMORC). In 1973, he founded the first of several successive organizations, the Center for the Preparation of the New Age, in Annemasse, France. One of the successor groups, the Golden Way Foundation, in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted Luc Jouret for some of his health lectures.

Luc Jouret was a homeopathic doctor who established in 1982 a practice in Annemasse, the district of Geneva where the Prieure de Sion was first established previously in 1956.

Princess Grace of Monaco was alleged by Guy Mouyrin to have been a member of the Order of the Solar Temple.

You are reminded that the Priory of Sion was formed by Pierre Plantard and Andre Bonhomme in
But back to Saunière 

The cross in the garden of Rennes le Chateau was dedicated to his Bishop on the Feast of Pentecost and Saunière had good reason to be grateful to Bishop Billard for it was this Bishop who had defended Saunière again and again and when the Bishop died life became more uncomfortable for Saunière. What usually gets unnoticed here is that yes the cross is dedicated to SA GRANDEUR MONSEIGNEUR Felix-Arsene BILLARD but it is also includes the phrase:


Et De La Mission préchée par le

R.P. MERCIER, Lazariste

En la fete de la Pentecote

6 Juin 1897


The Lazariste movement was started by St Vincent de Paul from 1624 who acquired the premises of the Collège des Bons Enfants in Paris and the lineage of Vincent de Paul you will remember was mentioned in the parchments allegedly found by Saunière. Saint Vincent de Paul was a member of the same organisation as Jean Jacques Olier – The Compagne du St-Sacrement, indeed Vincent de Paul was Olier’s teacher. Vincent de Paul was captured by Turkish pirates and taken to Tunis and worked as a slave for some time. We are told that after converting his owner to Christianity he was freed in 1607. Perhaps more interestingly Vincent de Paul is thought to have been taught occult practices by his owner. By a papal bull — on January 12, 1633 — the society was constituted a congregation, with St Vincent de Paul as its head. About the same time the canons regular of St Victor handed over to the congregation the priory of St Lazarus (formerly a lazar-house) in Paris, whence the name of Lazarites or Lazarists.

The mention of Saint Victor here is interesting because it was Saint Victor who is responsible for writing several lectures on the measurement of Landscape Geometry at Clairvaux. Saint Victor is associated with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who wrote the Order for the Knights Templar.

Traditionally 50 days after Easter Sunday and it is a feast commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the twelve Apostles of Christ. So this "Holy Spirit" descends 50 days after the first SUN day after the full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Perhaps we'd better look at what occurs in the Zodiac 50 days after Easter in 1897.

Sky over Rennes le Chateau at midday 6th June 1897

Sky midday over Rennes le Chateau 6th June 1897.
Fifty days after Easter the Sun is in Taurus.
In conjunction with
One of the four Royal Stars
Next to the PLEIADES
and the stars
Maia (from whom we took the name May)
and Alcyone (pronounced Al Sion - The Sion)
It is important to note here that the Watchtower society
Jehovah's Witnesses
once announced in their publication that God lives in the

Pleiades is Greek for flock of doves
On Pentecost the Dove (Holy Spirit) descends
Migdal eder (Magdalene?) means Watchtower of the FLOCK

"1927 "The face of the deep, of course, would be toward the Pleiades, which are claimed to be the habitation of Jehovah." (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; p. 94)

1928 "The constellation of the seven stars forming the Pleiades appears to be the crowning center around which the known systems of the planets revolve even as our sun's planets obey the sun and travel in their respective orbits. It has been suggested, and with much weight, that one of the stars of that group is the dwelling-place of Jehovah and the place of the highest heavens;..." (Reconciliation; 1928; p. 14)

1928 "The constellation of the Pleiades is a small one compared with others which scientific instruments disclose to the wondering eyes of man. But the greatness in size of other stars or planets is small when compared with the Pleiades in importance, because the Pleiades is the place of the eternal throne of God." (Reconciliation; 1928; p. 14)"

Extracts from Zion's Watchtower.

The Journal of the Jehovah's Witnesses

Also known as the


Micah 4:8

And thou, O tower
of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.

A reminder that the name Pleiades means
Flock of Doves

The Tour Magdala is an astronomical Watchtower
for the Flock of Doves

The Pleiades are important to the Celts of Ireland in their celebration of Samhain
The end of the Celtic Year.
Megalithic study



Angels benitier

By this sign you will conquer him.
The four Archangels
are the four ROYAL STARS

The WORLD Tarot with the four Royal Stars
Starting top left - Man, Eagle,
Bottom left - Calf, Lion.
Earth Mother with the crossed legs.

It's all explained here

The Last Supper

Here we have Leonardo Da Vinci's depiction of the Passover from summer to Autumn.

Below we have the stained glass window behind the altar in Saunière's church.

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus
Mary anoints the feet of Jesus
 in the stained glass window behind the altar
in the church at Rennes le Chateau
Although we know from the story that Saint John the Divine
and Saint Lazarus was at this event
only Jesus and Mary (of Bethany) have halos
Look closely
Jesus has the Celtic Sun Cross for a halo
and Mary has a half moon for a halo.
The hair is symbolic of the cutting of the hair
by the phases of the moon.
Indeed the word Magdalene my well refer to a hairdresser.

Anthony of Padua
Anthony of Padua
Padua is where Copernicus studied Astronomy
Held aloft by the four Royal Stars
Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel.

Copernicus maintained that the Sun was the centre of the Solar system
in defiance of a Papal Bull.  
 Heavenly Mathematics
And Now
The Vatican

St Peters Square on BELTANE
The 'Golden' Dawn Sky as viewed from the Vatican (former home of the Vates)
looking down the Via Della Conciliazione
on the 1st May 2013 (BELTANE)
The White Swan (The Northern Cross) overhead
The Sun (Jesus) sacrificed in Aries (The Lamb) with The Cross overhead. (Zenith)

View Larger Map
The Cross is Cygnus (The Swan)
In Greek mythology Zeus disguised himself as a swan in order to seduce Leda.
The result of the liaison was the twins
Apollo and Diana
They were both born on the island of Delos a place indicated by the code at Shugborough Hall 

Cygnus is overhead at Beltane hence the song


sacrifices are made at BELTANE.
On BELTANE the constellation of Cygnus appears at Zenith (overhead)
at Dawn and travels to the northern horizon at Sunset.
The opposite period  on the Wheel of the Year SAMHAIN Cygnus appears on the Northern horizon at Dawn and travels to Zenith (overhead) at sunset.  

and celebrated at Glastonbury which has always been associated with King Arthur and his twelve knights of the round table.
A French author Gaston Jourdanne in his book Contribution to the Folklore of the Aude made the following observation whilst Saunière was still alive in 1900.

“In the Aude, the peasants rather believe in the malignant spirit, the fairies and the underground geniuses than with the Virgin and the Angels"

It's the Sun








Thomas Paine who wrote


and who wrote

"All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish (Islam), appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit."


Pythagoreans worshipping the Sunrise

Then we have a classic

Indeed a forgotten book


The Reverend Robert Taylor

Read the book in PDF here

Reverend Robert Taylor Biography
Born August 18th 1784 Taylor was educated as a surgeon by Sir Astley Cooper but became deeply religious and found a great oratory talent. He was persuaded by the Reverend Thomas Cotterall to take up Holy Orders in the Established Church of England. He received his education into the Church at St John's College, Cambridge.

He was described as religious but candid and through a person described as a free enquirer a tradesman from Midhurst, through loans of books his "skepticism was awakened". Being an honest person he drew attention to his skepticism to the Bishop of Chichester who not only remonstrated with Taylor but persuaded him to leave the Church. Taylor tried to reconcile with the Church but was treated with great severity. Eventually Taylor joined the Society of Universal Benevolence in Dublin.

In 1824 Taylor arrived in London and began lecturing and some of these discourses were printed in a journal called The Lion, published by Richard Carlile collectively the lectures of Taylor became known as The Devil's Pulpit as a result of  Taylor being dubbed The Devil's Chaplain by Mr A Hunt. It is important to state that the title of the book was not chosen by Taylor.

In 1827 Taylor was arrested for blasphemy (on a saturday so that bail could not be sought. Taylor had been due to lecture on the following day) . A Quaker from Bristol by the name of  Wright pressed a debt upon Taylor and consequently Taylor was placed into deptors prison without recourse to appeal. Whilst in gaol several other charges were placed upon Taylor and some of his friends and Taylor was convicted on one of these charges on 27th October 1827. Eventually Taylor was sent to Oakham gaol for one year with securities for good behaviour for five years. Whilst in gaol Taylor wrote Diegesis and Syntagma these were in response to Reverend John Pye Smith in reply to his Proofs and Arguments made at the Christian Evidence Society he also published a weekly letter in The Lion.

Upon his release Taylor reformed his relationship with Richard Carlile and resumed his lectures. With Carlile he toured the Universities, large towns and cities of England and everywhere challenged the clergy to meet his argument. It says of his tours:

"A few debates took place but every where[sic] an excitement was created and the tourist were triumphant".

  On the return from his tour Taylor opened in the Rotunda and another prosecution was instigated against Taylor which resulted in him being sent to Horsemongers Lane Gaol where he was treated with a great deal of cruelty.

On his eventual release Taylor ceased his lecturing and married a woman with some property, they retired together to France.

The reading of Robert Taylor's lectures will leave the reader in no doubt as to the true nature of the Christian religion.

It is purely a solar religion.

Richard Carlile and the Manual of Freemasonry 

And LE ROI SOLIEL (The Sun King - Louis XIV) knew this too.
here is the
The Sunset sequence looking down the Champs-Elysées
(Elysian Fields)
on the Celtic Cross Quarter day called






End of sequence

Taken on BELTANE

August 6th - 8th and May 4th - 5th

August 6th is the date of the Transfiguration
The Abbey of Mont St Michel in Normandy is orientated 64 degrees from north this corresponds to the sunrise on 8th May traditionally St Michel Day in spring. The opposite direction shows the sunset of the 6th August, the day of the transfiguration of Christ. The Abbey of Mont St Michel is 40 miles North North East of the City of Rennes, a city built around the area that was occupied by the Celtic tribe called the Redones.

PAX 681 with Gematria = 681 681 or 6th August 1681 (the date for the formation of the Priory of Sion)

  "In Paris rising and setting of certain stars have determined the layout of Louis XIV’s (Le Roi Soliel) city and the orientation of the solar symbolism conforms to a choice of angle that is 26º north of west for the medieval final axis of Notre Dame cathedral, which is inextricably linked to the Feasts of St Michael du Printemps (8th May) and the Feast of the Transfiguration (8th August). This same angle determines the Le Nôtre epoch – i.e. the epoch of the Sun King Louis XIV through the construction of the Tuileries garden and the Champs-Elysées".

 "En effet ! "... je connus ma Roseline qui mourut le 6 août 1967, fête de la Transfiguration, en franchissant le Méridien 0 en voiture." (p. 108)"

Philippe de Cherisey.

"My dear Roseline, who died on 6 August 1967, the Feast of the Transfiguration, while leaving the Zero Meridian by car." (p. 108).

Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair had been the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion until 1989 however his son Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair was proclaimed Grand Master “by an act dated 6th July 1989” by 107 votes in favour, 5 absentees and 9 votes against. There should be nothing significant in this assuming that the Priory of Sion is nothing but a small group playing at historical intrigue. However the date of appointment of the ratification of his son[i1]  on the 6th August 1989 in Paris is significant because elevation of Plantard’s son to Grand Master was specifically timed at
10 o’clock solar time.

[i1]Vaincre No 3 September 1989


Note: The 17th January is the first day of Aquarius in France.


The other alignment is May 4th

Once a

A Cross Quarter Day

Now slipped due to precession

Candlemas, May Day , Lammas , and All Hallows .


Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasagh, and Samhain


May Day or Beltane


Maia Daw

Caesar mentions that the Gauls claimed, "on the authority of the Druids, that their whole race is descended from Dis, lord of the underworld."

Before the arrival of the Sons of Manos on the earthly plane/plain, the Druids taught that the souls of mortals transmigrated from the celestial spheres, originating from the Pleiades group with Maia at the head of her seven sisters. The Seven Brothers were in the wintry region of the Ursa Major star group. Taliesin, in the poem "Primary Chief Bard", claims that his native country is the place of the Summer Stars".


The Hand Gestures on the three pictures reputed to have been collected by Sauniere

Hand gestures

Above at the top are the hand gestures in the three paintings associated with Saunière and below them is a statue found at Coligny where they also found the Celtic Lunisolar calendar.

The four figures are displaying their hands like Calipers.

Saunière is reported to have made many visits to Lyon close to Coligny. 

The message here is MEASURE


Just like they did at Callanish as told to us in the book of Enoch


Nebra Sky Disk
Disk found in Saxony Germany
3500 years old.
The angle of 82° shows the difference between the Winter and Summer Solstices but ONLY at the latitude of Germany.

by Manly P Hall
The Tomb at Les Pontils


Landscape Geometry is proven here

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