La Vraie Langue Celtique


Le Cromleck de Rennes-les-Bains


THE ZODIAC OF RENNES by Pierre Plantard

(The preface to the reprint of La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromleck de Rennes les Bains)

The sign of the hammer is designated by Abel, guardian of the donor herds of blade, i.e. N, symbol of the North for all and found twice in the RENNES in the map title word. Page 43, the author emphasizes the distinction between string with frame (frame of blade, the N frame) as string corresponds to the vertical lines ↑↓, drawn from the letters N of card whereas weft means the opposite line.

Information very subtly provided at pages 227-231 to situate the sign of Aries (Abel) to the junction of Sals and the Rialsès, exactly to Roco-Nègre, Ariès de Nègre or BLACK RAM, according to the inscription engraved on a tomb.

" Twelve Palace were locked in a single surrounded in-by", with the reference (pertaining to Pliny) that these monuments were dedicated to the Sun, this is the designation of the Zodiac on page 84. Page 246 determines the centre of the Zodiac and page 241 gives dimensions to plot on the map these two references circonfé: 15-16 cm in RADIUS. The genial author does not fail to add that "this stone was to grind the corn (i.e. gold) in a perfect manner".

Before going to more forward, summarize the foregoing and diffuse misunderstandings which can to be dragged in the mind of the reader:

(1) By astronomical coding, the Abbé Boudet indicates 12 deposits and their position matches for each to a Palace of the Zodiac, the beginner to Blanchefort, the RAM on Roco-Nègre 0º.

(2) By map coding, error determined at the confluence Blanque-Sals jet of Serbaïrou mine.

(3) By the tarot, the Flash coding by Cape of human ends at the Cardou.

This coding is perfect. Rennes-les-Bains, with a circumference (p. 225) from 16 to 18 km, done figure of a bank with 12 boxes that open each with a specific number. Moreover, this does not mean that some chests have still a deposit.

The sketch that accompanies my text indicates the encoding of the tombstones that existed in the cemetery of Rennes-le-Chàteau before Ia book Boudet and gave similar indications. Horizontal stone mentioned twelve caches by the inter-through of the 14 letters of the Latin motto transcribed into Greek letters: and IN ARCADIA EGO. Vertical stone marked the exact location where one of the twelve caches is located. The code was: M.D.SEPT = 1507. The unit of measure used was the M, the mile, with a value of 1852 metres (Note). The abbé Boudet declare page 84: 1500 apartments in the maze to the multiple detours, built by Mesraïm, dedicated to the Sun. The reader now accustomed to the words of the abbé Boudet games has no doubt already deducted: M... then: 1500... and 7 (figure of the Sun), is the code: 1507. Curiously, one can read on this slab: of ARLES Lady... "Lady of Arles" is then a title given by Maurice Magre for designer arenas of this city: speaking arena implies the set of the bull, derived from the ancient cult of beef Apis. Or Apis, it is also the bee with the buzz would be hated the abbé Boudet page 122 Sunrise and the sunset as the affirmed.

The abbé Boudet was able in astronomy, mythology, the Bible and other more or less accepted methods, exactly as he dealt with the "Cromleck de Rennes – les – Bains" which remains speculative. It could mislead us. "But the informed reader understands now that a certain Imaging must be accepted as element in a construction of his work."

Written by Pierre Plantard before Holy Blood Holy Grail and The Holy Place and before the BBC Chronicle programme Shadow of the Templars.

Note: 1852 metres is One Nautical Mile



The mountain CARDOU is named after the Goddess CARDO (Cardea)

Cardea or Carda was the ancient Roman goddess of the hinge (Latin cardo, cardinis), Roman doors being hung on pivot hinges. The Augustan poet Ovid conflates her with another archaic goddess named Carna, whose festival was celebrated on the Kalends of June and for whom he gives the alternative name Cranê or Cranea, a nymph. Ovid's conflation of the goddesses is likely to have been his poetic invention but it has also been conjectured that Carna was a contracted form of Cardina, and at minimum Ovid was observing that their traditions were congruent ----Wikipedea

Cardea is the Roman Goddess of the Door Hinge, who protects the family and children of the house and keeps evil spirits from crossing the threshold. Her name comes from the Latin word cardo, which means "hinge" and which also encompasses the wider symbolism of the pole or axis around which the earth spins. She is therefore a Goddess of the Center as well as the change that emanates out from that center. The word cardo was also used by the Romans to refer to the north-south axis on which a new city was founded (the east-west line being the decumanus), and from this we get our word cardinal, meaning fundamental or principal, especially regarding the directions.


She is the keeper of the Four Winds

Ovid says of Cardea: 'Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open.'

Her consort is


God of time, space, and passage. Guardian of roadways and gates, and presiding over all beginnings and cycles. He can see past, present, and future, and is responsible for the orderly movement of people and ideas through their appointed rounds. He is an example of the Roman obsession with boundaries, edges, transfer from one state to another, and organization.

La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromleck de Rennes les Bains PDF

It seems that the Abbé Boudet took his inspiration for his book ‘The true Celtic Language….’ from an earlier book called ‘Memories of the Celtic Language’ and this inspired several writers and researchers with the notion that Geographical names in the area of Rennes were in fact Celtic names. But more than this that each modern syllable represented a Gallic word. In other words the sound of the Celtic word was turned into the Indo-European Gallic word for the particular geographical site. Much research has been done on this. In the book with the interesting title from our point of view ‘Encyclopaedias of the Pleiades’ it says


“The linguists endeavoured to find significance of the Gallic terms and helped themselves to the corresponding words which are still spoken in the Celtic languages in Ireland and Wales.”


This forms the curious outward theme pursued by Boudet in La Vraie Langue Celtique and it does seem that Boudet did a tremendous amount of research before writing the book, reading works on linguistics specifically the work of the German France Bopp, author of a book of grammar from 1816 showing similarities between European languages and Sanskrit. In his book Boudet uses English words in a curious manner, making nonsense claims that place names and geographic features are in fact from English words, he even makes the claim that the earliest humans spoke English. This of course is nonsense but remember this is an intelligent man who once taught English, he is flag waving here and he’s saying that we must look deeper into what he’s saying. He is indeed speaking the Language of the Birds; we must not look at the words themselves but the sound they are making. English tends to be more monosyllabic than French and is therefore more suited to this method of encryption.


However occasionally Boudet is short and to the point in one instance he says of the Cromlech of Rennes les Bains:


“Thus the Cromleck of Rennes-les-Bains is closely related to the resurrection”


He couldn’t be more explicit if he tried. We need to understand this Language of the Birds to discover the significance of this resurrection regarding the menhirs and dolmens around Rennes les Bains and, since he also wrote about Lazarus, who was resurrected, we must ask ourselves precisely whose resurrection is he talking about here?


In his book Le Tresor Maudit Gerard de Sède uses a caption under one of the Stations of the Cross and this is clearly another example of the Language of the Birds.


Significantly the Oxford English dictionary lists the meaning of the word ‘Jargon’ (a French word) as well as slang is also the name of a ‘smoky kind of zircon’ a non corrosive semi precious stone and this brings us back to the legend of Esclarmonde and the Cathars. You will remember that the story goes that when Lucifer fell to earth he chipped off a stone (knowledge) which fell to earth (from his crown and became the Holy Grail) and legend has it that this Foundation of Knowledge (Philosophers Stone) was found by the Cathars. When they were besieged at Montségur, Esclarmonde took this stone and turned herself into a dove and flew off with it to the east. Is this stone that fell to earth Jargon and is this also The Language of Birds; a secret language? Is this the secret of Cathars?


As I have already mentioned the figurehead of Jason’s ship the (J)Argo(n) was built of Oak of the Dodona who could speak the language of the birds. According to Norse mythology the ability to speak with the birds can be acquired by drinking Dragon’s blood. The ability to speak to the birds is a common part of mythology for many cultures including Sufi Moslems, the Talmud and even in Egyptian Arabic was writing what was called the ‘alphabet of the birds’. In Alchemy and the Kabbalah the language of the birds was considered a secret and perfect language and key to perfect knowledge and sometimes called the langue verte or green language spoken by such famous Kabbalists as Jean Julien Fulcanelli and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and of course Nostradamus. The Wisdom of Solomon is said in the Talmud to have come from him being granted the ability to understand the Language of the Birds.


According to the Zohar, the book of Splendors that came from Toledo, the earthly paradise is called ‘The Bird’s Nest’ and the prophesy says that the Messiah would reveal himself in Galilee (Towards Genesareth?) The Zohar says that the Star of all colours would appear in the east and the power of the Messiah would be made manifest and the Messiah would enter his place i.e. The Bird’s Nest where angels would offer him gifts. The Bird’s Nest occupies the central Sephirah, (Tephirah) on the branches of the Tree of Life where the Phoenix egg will hatch. The archangel Michael (whose star is Aldebaran) rules the Sephirah.


Is the Holy Grail simply secret knowledge of the resurrection?
Remembering of course that the Blue Apples phenomenon is a result of a stained glass window depicting the resurrection of Lazarus, the brother of Mary Magdalene.
Is that knowledge found in the Language of the Birds?