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Landscape Geometry

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Without first reading this book you cannot begin to understand the true depth of this mystery.


Hecate by William Blake

Anatolian Goddess Hecate by William Blake.


Hecate's Wheel 

Hecate's Wheel

A place where three pathways meet.

Hecate or Hekate (pron.: /ˈhɛkət/; ancient Greek Ἑκάτη, Hekátē; /ˈhɛkət/) is an ancient goddess, most often shown holding two torches or a key[1] and in later periods depicted in triple form. She is variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery She has rulership over earth, sea and sky, as well as a more universal role as Saviour (Soteira), Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul. She was one of the main gods worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family


"No Christian on the feast of Saint John or the solemnity of any other saint performs solestitia [solstice rites?] or dancing or leaping or diabolical chants. No Christian should presume to invoke the name of a demon, not Neptune or Orcus or Diana or Minerva or Geniscus or believe in these inept beings in any way. No one should observe Jove's day in idleness without holy festivities not in May or any other time, not days of larvae or mice or any day but Sunday. No Christian should make or render any devotion to the gods of the trivium, where three roads meet, to the fanes or the rocks, or springs or groves or corners."

The Life of St. Eligius, (St Eloi) 588-660
St Eligius, spiritual advisor to the Merovingian king Dagobert I.

The significance of the meeting of three pathways comes from the book Genisis by David Wood. On page 64 we have:

Extended Pentacle

The point at the top of David Wood's extended pentacle is a place called

Combe Loubiere

It is a place where three trackways meet.


More Landscape geometry

Consider this

Henry lincoln's concentric circles

The radii  of these interlinked circles are listed below.


Circle 1 centred on Esperaza. Contains the churches of les Sauzils, St Ferriol, Granes and Coustaussa.

2 miles 1586 yards 2 foot 5 inches.

Circle 2 centred on Coustaussa church, with the track ways at Combe Loubiere and Esperaza church on the circumference.

2 miles 1580 yards 1 foot 7¼inches

Circle 3 Containing Terroles church, Castillou church and again Coustaussa church.

2 miles 1589 yards 1 foot

Circle 4 Containing Laval church, Bezu church, Esperaza and Coustaussa churches on the circumference.

2 miles 1670 yards 10½ inches

Circle 5 Containing Bugarach church, St Just church, Coustaussa church, Serres church and Rennes le Chateau.

2 miles 1588 yards 9½ inches


 Note: Made with GPS, accurate to 33 feet or better.

With the exception of circle 4 all circles are within 9 yards of each other.

Circle 4 is 90 yards out over almost three miles. However the exact point of Laval church and Bezu church may be in dispute.

It is also worth noting that the signal in these areas was poor and the readings had to be taken some distance from the church altar.

The significance of point X and circle 5 can be shown here below.

Point X

It is perhaps worth noting that the Curé of Coustaussa, the Abbe Gélis was murdered

(some say ritually)


31st October or the 1st November 1897

This is All Hallows Day but more especially it is the

The Celtic New Years Eve and Day respectively.



Above shows the sunset (31st October) and sunrise sequences (1st November)

These are the last day of the Celtic Year and the first day of the Celtic New Year (Dark Period)respectively.

This is called


pronounced So -> win

It is the festival of the dead. (Halloween)

On these days the sun will set over


(Solar Rock in Occitan)

looking down from the Salsa Cross, through the Broken Pillar at Arques Cemetery, through Arques Church spire, through La Tour d'Alchemie in Rennes le Chateau, through the Templar Commanderie at Compagne sur Aude and over Soularac.

The second sequence shows the  rise again the following day over

La Soulane

(The Sun line in Occitan)

The angle between the two lines is 36°

These form part of Henry Lincoln's Pentacle of Mountains

Note: The Light Period of the Celtic New Year starts on




As we have seen the solution to the Shepherdess code is



All in French then it suddenly shifts to Latin then back to French again: This occurs at:


Normally translated as

PEACE 681 by the cross

What does that mean? DCLXXXI probably has to be in Roman numerals but PAX doesn't.

The French for peace is PAIX not PAX, the author is drawing attention to this.

However using Gematria (Greek)  we find that the word PAX is also 681 (coincidence right?)

Remember the tombstone where ET IN ARCADIA EGO is Latin written using the Greek alphabet so let's do it again PAX is therefore ∏ A X

∏ = 80

A  =  1

X = 600

So PAX 681 is - 681 681


A Rood is an Anglo-Saxon word for a Cross, it is also the measurement equivalent to the imperial measurement called a Pole.

So if you take a square 681 Rood by 681 Rood and draw a circle around it so that the circumference touches each corner.

681 Poles = 3745.5 yards

Using Pythagoras Theorem.

3745.5² =14028770 yards²

14028770 yards² + 14028770 yards² = 28057540 yards²

√28057540 yards² = 5296.9368 yards

5296.9368 yards/1760 yards =  3.0096231 miles

or 3 miles 16yards 2feet 9.7inches

PAX 681


The diameter of the circle is Three Statute Miles

or One League.

(with a 0.6% error)

The integer either side i.e. 680 or 682 has a greater error. 

Another coincidence?

The Tour Magdala and Rennes les Bains Church are exactly 3 miles or One League apart

Rennes le Chateau Church to Rennes le Bains Church

measured with Google earth

And the distance from La Tour d'Alchemie to the Templar Commanderie at Campagne sur Aude is also

One League. 

Templar Commanderie Compagne sur Aude Tour d'Alchemie
5278.69 yards from the point on La Tour d'Alchemie
Not only that but the Commanderie is orientated in the direction of Rennes le Chateau
An error of 1 yard and 11 inches.
3 miles from the point on the Templar Commanderie at Compagne Sur Aude

again measured with Google earth

Three statute miles = 5280 yards. So PAX 681 has an error of 16yards : 2feet : 9.7248 inches.


A league is a traditional unit of distance derived from an ancient Celtic unit and adopted by the Romans as the leuga, the league became a common unit of measurement throughout Western Europe although distances varied slightly. Most scholars say that it represents the distance the average person can walk in an hour. In France this unit is the lieue and is different from an English League in length. A Rood is an archaic word for the now unused ‘Pole’ measurement and is in fact the Anglo Saxon word for a ‘cross’. Remembering Henri Boudet’s suggestion that some of the words use in the Languedoc are of Celtic and Northern European origin;

If the circle above forms part of a Vesica Pisces any adjoining circle will dissect the diagonal line at one and a half miles (the radius) or one Domesday League. A Domesday League is 2640 yards. 26402 is 6969600 yards. 6969600 yards divided by the number of yards in a mile (1760) is 3960 miles. The mean radius of the earth is 3959 miles.


So one league is the distance between Rennes le Chateau and Rennes les Bains and also the distance from La Tour Magdala to the Chateau at Arques is Two Leagues (or four Doomsday Leagues).


How was this accurate Earth Measurement achieved?

(Earth Measurement in Greek is Geo - metry)

The Alchemy Tower at Rennes-le-Chateau. Complete with wedge-shaped holes at seemingly irregular intervals holes in the round tower.


Slotted openings in La Tour d'Alchemie ensure a limited view in any fixed position

Notice how it is designed to give a view upwards

Accurate landscape measurements were achieved by taking sightings of the rising and setting of astronomical objects through carefully positioned slots in La Tour d'Alchemie on specific days.

i.e. The Quarter Days and the Cross quarter days


The SUNSET on the Celtic Old Years Eve setting over Soularac

Salza Cross at CAMP TEMPLIER


Broken Pillar in Arques Cemetary

The Broken Pillar in Arques Cemetary





SUNRISE on the day after i.e. The Celtic New Years Day.

When viewed from La Tour d'Alchemie the sun rises over

La Soulane - The Solar Line in Occitan

At the beginning of the CELTIC NEW YEAR'S DAY.

This corresponds with Henry Lincoln's Pentacle of Mountains


The word Soulane is a Pyrenean term meaning the Sunny side of a mountain

Soula is an Occitan term meaning the Sun



Lincoln and Woods geometry

The Celtic old Year SUNSET Line from the Salsa Cross through the Grotte through the broken cross in Arques cemetery through Rennes le Chateau through Campagne sur Aude and on to Soularac is 36º from the Rennes le Chateau to Soulane Celtic New Year SUNRISE line.

Holy Place


Here's a frame from the book The Holy Place

By the way if you say that a line can be drawn between points to make any patterns you will be instantly asked to do it and meet the same criteria.

In twenty years of asking NOBODY has managed to do it.

Wanna challenge me?

Then click here and we'll discuss it

Yes this "oh you can join any points together" has become an urban myth which is easily blown away.

The only people who continually repeat this myth are those who are not aware of the full picture.

It's all explained in the video at the top of this page but you have to look first

sorry about that  


Then we have Bornholm

 Henry Lincoln and Erling Haagensen

the new evidence.

Seems the builders of the Landscape Geometry on Bornholm compensated for the flattening of the earth at the poles.

 and don't forget to watch

The Secret

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It's the Sun