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LINKS to Rennes le Chateau/Priory of Sion sites



Star rating

Henry Lincoln's site           Excellent site for the demonstration  of the Landscape pattern - Co-author of Holy Blood and the Holy Grail * * * *


Excellent website for in depth analysis of all aspects of Rennes le Chateau.
Two star rating only because the owner fails to engage with me regarding serious flaws in his facts.
* *

Rennes Discovery
Probably the best website for the Rennes le Chateau mystery because of the sheer volume of information * * * * *


Priory of Sion ANTI RENNES-LE-CHATEAU MYSTERY WEBSITE - A must visit website run by Arch debunker Paul Smith * * *
Rennes-le-Chateau The official website - A French Site close to the mystery - Excellent * * * * *


Société Périllos Another good website full of new ideas and data/ideas from researchers * * * * *


Mark Naples Interesting site. * * *
Philip Coppens A very well researched website - Would be rated higher but for the references to the stargate   * * *
Octonovo In French but a veritable goldmine of raw data indispensable for the serious researcher * * * * *
Picknett & Prince The official website of bestselling authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince * * *









Rennes-le-Chateau Best forum for Rennes only discussion

* * * *

Andrew Gough's
A good forum but spoiled by too many egos  - My ego is in Arcadia. **

Youtube links to the Santos Bonacci lectures.

As Above So Below Part 1                                As Above So Below Part 2

Oracle of Delphi Part 1                                Oracle of Delphi  part 1 continued

Oracle of Delphi Part 2                                Oracle of Delphi Part 2 continued

Manly P Hall Lecture

The Relationship of Astronomy and Religion


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