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A Rebuttal answered

"If a significant number of people agree that they have 
observed something that violates the consensus reality, simply 
ascribe it to "mass hallucination." Avoid addressing the possibility 
that the consensus reality, which is routinely observed by millions, 
might itself constitute a mass hallucination."
Zen and the Art of Debunkery by Daniel Drasin
Land surveyor David Wood
Resume from the book GENISIS ISBN 0 85936 180 2
1985 The Baton Press
The author David Wood (shown below) has studied for many years the connections between Christianity and Judaism and Egyptian mythology. He is qualified in the fields of trigonometrical and topographical surveying and cartographical  reproduction. This unusual combination of qualifications and interests made him ideally suited to find and recognise the ancient geometry concealed in the valley of Rennes le Chateau.

David Wood is a Land Surveyor by trade. He is experienced in the fields of trigonometrical and topographical surveying and cartographical reproduction.

Above he is shown here in the area of Rennes le Chateau using the principle tool of his trade, a theodolite. This is the very method by which the original IGN maps would have been produced.

To compare the results of this methodology with GPS is the same as comparing eggs with bananas.


The piece involving David Wood commences at 50 minutes.


The Pentagonal relationship of the Orbit of Venus and the Orbit of the Earth

On the 2nd June 2006 this author went into a discussion with David Williams who had, quite rightly, challenged the theory put forward by Henry Lincoln and David Wood.

To have propositions discussed is the correct scientific approach.

In the course of this discussion David Williams elected to disengage from the discussion and to remove his website where his rebuttal information and topographical data was stored.

The remnants of this discussion are shown below

Roscoe is my nickname.


Williams then terminated his conversation never having attempted to do what he had been bragging he was able to do.

i.e. Construct a pattern given as few points to work with in the same area as Henry Lincoln had in his construction of the Pentacle of Mountains. 


These data is also from David Williams

 Henry lincoln's concentric circles

The radii of these interlinked circles are listed below.


Circle 1 centred on Esperaza. Contains the churches of les Sauzils, St Ferriol, Granes and Coustaussa.

2 miles 1586 yards 2 foot 5 inches.

Circle 2 centred on Coustaussa church, with the track ways at Combe Loubiere and Esperaza church on the circumference.

2 miles 1580 yards 1 foot 7¼inches

Circle 3 Containing Terroles church, Castillou church and again Coustaussa church.

2 miles 1589 yards 1 foot

Circle 4 Containing Laval church, Bezu church, Esperaza and Coustaussa churches on the circumference.

2 miles 1670 yards 10½ inches

Circle 5 Containing Bugarach church, St Just church, Coustaussa church, Serres church and Rennes le Chateau.

2 miles 1588 yards 9½ inches


 Note: Made with GPS, accurate to 33 feet or better.

With the exception of circle 4 all circles are within 9 yards of each other.

Circle 4 is 90 yards out over almost three miles. However the exact ORIGINAL point of Laval church and Bezu church may be in dispute.

Remember that these readings were taken by

David Williams

It is also worth noting that the signal in these areas was poor and the readings had to be taken some distance from the church altar.

The significance of point X and circle 5 can be shown here below.

It is from the map at the back of La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromleck de Rennes-les-Bains

Fontane La Gode

The Dolmen is Point X

Boudet said:

"When the menhirs are Arranged in a circle, singly or in multiples, They Are called Expired cromlechs. These are vast enclosures of stones Benthic, USUALLY POSITIONED AROUND A DOLMEN. "




Another author took up with David William's data (including the five interlinked circles shown above) and used it as a rebuttal to

Henry Lincoln and David Wood conclusions.

That author is

Mariano Tomatis

Mariano Tomatis makes the following comments on his website

Henry Lincoln's tour

At the cost of 20 euros for 4 hours of storytelling, Henry Lincoln offers the tourists the possibility of visiting the domaine of Bérenger Saunière with his explanations. The experience may be frustrating for someone who is trying to deconstruct the mythopoiesis of Rennes-le-Château phenomenon, because Lincoln's approach is entirely based on Plantard's elements. Starting from the (undebatable) premise that "there is something" in the parchments and in the ET IN ARCADIA EGO tombstone, he concludes that this "something" is extremely important, and it has to do with an ancient knowledge mathematically expressed in the measures fixed in the area by castles, churches and stones. "Plantard knew it", Lincoln repeats during all his tour.

As we have previously seen, "there is something" in the props provided by Plantard, so it is easy for Lincoln to point at the meaningful elements in the parchments, but analysing it from the correct historical perspective, it has more to do with a Merovingian bloodline than with an ancient geometrical knowledge.

Serious historical research has nothing to do with Henry Lincoln's approach, whose peculiar element is a open contempt towards academics: "They repeat what they are told", he goes on saying in his books and during the tour. His populist attitude is explicitly revealed by asking the visitors to "seek simplicity" (4), as a child would do", ignoring what they have read or heard about the topic. The explicit request of making tabula rasa of the previous knowledge is a perfect way to implant the old stuff created in the 1960s by the puppetmaster. But he is good at hiding the modern origin of the roots of his hypothesis.

In August I took part to Henry Lincoln's tour, and it was a good occasion to study his role in the "infinite game" of Rennes-le-Château. He supports the game with a slogan often repeated during the visit; referring to the visitors, he says: "They look but they don't see." Implicitly, he is advocating apophenia - the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data - as a tool to keep the game alive. His geographical maps are apophenic triumphs, and can be considered valuable props for the game, supporting funny forest walks on the trails of theoretical vertices and alignments. (5)

This is bordering upon Libel and the degree of vitriol can only be understood if you posit some kind of preconceived agenda.

Mariano Tomatis mentions the phrase
"Serious historical research"

Strange then that Mariano Tomatis refuses to engage in
Serious debate

regarding HIS conclusions.

Failure to discuss his research is known as
A purely RELIGIOUS activity which has nothing to do with the continuing process of scientific advancement.

It is plainly obvious that Tomatis went into this with his conclusion firmly set in his mind at the beginning of his treatise.

An act of Faith which alas is all too common.  

Here is the argument of Mariano Tomatis regarding Landscape Geometry  below


Firstly he uses the data of the now discredited David Williams

This can be downloaded as an Excel file  


The fundamental error of Mariano Tomatis is using a 
map devoid of any Great Circle correction.

Bearing in mind that Williams (we're told) took his data using GPS a method where distances cannot be extrapolated beyond the central measuring point.


During our discussion David Williams admitted to me that he could not get an accurate GPS reading inside the churches and so the reading was taken some distance from the church.

Williams did not say how large this measurement error was.


During our discussion Williams removed his ALL his data AND his website.


GPS tells you were you are it does not tell you where something in the distance is.

Although you can place these co-ordinates onto a map every two-dimensional map carries a distortion from the real three dimensional world and a compromise of distance, area and bearing has to be made. Whilst in most cases this can be dealt with, here where accurate bearings and areas are required for proof or otherwise this cannot be done..    

You also have this:


Notice that the W reading is 000.00149 when held directly over the Greenwich meridian designated Zero on most maps.

NOT ZERO!!!!!!!!

"In WGS 84, the meridian of zero longitude is the IERS Reference Meridian. It lies 5.31 arc seconds east of the Greenwich Prime Meridian, which corresponds to 102.5 metres (336.3 feet) at the latitude of the Royal Observatory." - Wikipedia

This error does vary according to the Latitude of the observer.

David Williams map


Here's Mariano Tomatis's attempt to display a three dimensional object (i.e. The surface of the earth) onto a two dimensional display and use this as proof.

It is worth noting that Mariano Tomatis does indeed confirm the circle around Esperaza church

QUOTE "As stated by Henry Lincoln, the alignment of Granès, Saint Ferriol and Les Sauzils on the circle is correct within a tolerance of 50 meters." UNQUOTE

This 50 meters is subject to the church re-builders over a previous position of worship (i.e. Menhir) was aware that precision had to be maintained to a tolerance acceptable by the detractors and also David Williams admitted error in measurement.

50 metres error looks OK to me, since GPS is known to be 102 metres out and that David Williams has admitted that he could not get a GPS signal inside the church and was therefore forced to introduce a measurement error.

Here is an extract from Henry Lincoln's

The Holy Place

Extract from The Holy Place

To summarise

Mariano Tomatis treatise on the Landscape Geometry is seriously flawed because of the following:

Failure to correct for Great Circle distortion.

Use of data acquired by a system not designed for the extrapolation of distant objects into the analysis of bearing and area information. i.e. Global Positioning System

Use of data which ignores known measuring errors (i.e. Williams could not measure inside the churches and was forced to introduce measurement errors)

GPS system has known weaknesses.

A Note on Henry Lincoln's 188mm repeated measurement

The IGN Quillan 2347OT map mentioned in Key to the Sacred Pattern being a Lambert's Conformal Conic Projection has also introduced an error from the real world distances. However this error is the same for all points on the same latitude and both true distance and error are repeated. So whilst the absolute value may be incorrect the repeatability of this measurement is the key here.



Perhaps Mariano Tomatis would like to use his basic mathematics routine on this?

Templar Commanderie Compagne sur Aude Tour d'Alchemie
5278.69 yards from the point on La Tour d'Alchemie
Not only that but the Commanderie is orientated in the direction of Rennes le Chateau
An error of 1 yard and 11 inches.
3 miles from the point on the Templar Commanderie at Compagne Sur Aude
The error from ONE LEAGUE (named after the Sun God Lugh) is about the width of the Red Dot.

Remember that this isn't calculated, it is measured.

The passage leading to the church at Compagne Sur Aude is called

Empasse du Templier.

Down this site-line.

View from Arques

With the snow capped mountain of SOULARAC (Solar Rock in Occitan) in the distance

And speaking of ONE LEAGUE


PAX 681 by the CROSS (or POLE Each side of the square is 681 Poles)

PAX is 681 in Greek Gematria

3 miles being an ancient measurement called the LEAGUE

Measured by the timed and observed passages of the Sun

681 Poles = 3745.5 yards

Using Pythagoras Theorem.

3745.5² =14028770 yards²

14028770 yards² + 14028770 yards² = 28057540 yards²

√28057540 yards² = 5296.9368 yards

5296.9368 yards/1760 yards =  3.0096231 miles

or 3 miles 16yards 2feet 9.7inches


The Horse of God



Down this line

The Samhain Sunset line.

The start point i.e. The Salsa Cross is at a place called Camp Templier.

Sun Cross

Salsa Cross with a Sun at the centre

The finish place is at a mountain called Soularac (Solar Rock in Occitan)

Animation showing two lines from Henry Lincoln's Pentacle of mountains

Celtic sunrise sunset

  The dates are the end and the beginning of the Celtic New Year

known as


One of the four Cross-Quarter-Days

The angle subtended by the Sunset at this time (SAMHAIN) followed by the subsequent Sunrise is


an angle that forms part of the Pentacle

In fact it forms two lines associated with Henry Lincoln's Pentacle of Mountains.

this angle has the end observation points as

Soularac (Solar Rock in Occitan)


La Soulane (Solar line in Occitan)

 La Soulane

The Dolmen at La Soulane


There are others who argue against the Landscape geometry

The problem is that these not only don't understand the process of PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES but one is led to believe that they are unaware of its existence.



When considering why objects should be aligned in the first place then consider this

"Before all else, I denounce and contest, that you shall observe no sacrilegious pagan customs. For no cause or infirmity should you consult magicians, diviners, sorcerers or incantators, or presume to question them because any man who commits such evil will immediately lose the sacrament of baptism. Do not observe auguries or violent sneezing or pay attention to any little birds singing along the road. If you are distracted on the road or at any other work, make the sign of the cross and say your Sunday prayers with faith and devotion and nothing inimical can hurt you. No Christian should be concerned about which day he leaves home or which day he returns because God has made all days. No influence attaches to the first work of the day or the [phase of the] moon; nothing is ominous or ridiculous about the Calends of January. [Do not] make [figures of?] vetulas, little deer or iotticos or set tables at night or exchange New Years' gifts or supply superfluous drinks. No Christian believes impurity or sits in incantation, because the work is diabolic. No Christian on the feast of Saint John or the solemnity of any other saint performs solestitia [solstice rites?] or dancing or leaping or diabolical chants. No Christian should presume to invoke the name of a demon, not Neptune or Orcus or Diana or Minerva or Geniscus or believe in these inept beings in any way. No one should observe Jove's day in idleness without holy festivities not in May or any other time, not days of larvae or mice or any day but Sunday. No Christian should make or render any devotion to the gods of the trivium, where three roads meet, to the fanes or the rocks, or springs or groves or corners."


The Life of St. Eligius, 588-660[I A1] 

St Eligius, spiritual advisor to the Merovingian kings

 [I A1]Vita S. Eligius, ed. Levison, MGH SS Mer. 4, 669-742 Translation by Jo Ann McNamara

The Church authorities in their attempt at ethnic cleansing of  the area elected to place their own places of worship over previous places of worship

This came not only in the form of Christian churches but also simple cosses placed at streams, sacred groves, rocks, megaliths where solstice rites had been practiced. points

The Cross in the village of Peyrolles is an example

Placed where three trackways meet


and the 'Broken Pillar' in Arques cemetery.

Broken Pillar Arques Cemetary

Of course the Christian authorities were not concerned with topographical accuracy
of the placing of their own places of worship with
"Images of the Saints"
As St Augustine called them.

Here below is an xtract from
Henry Lincoln


A French author Gaston Jourdanne in his book Contribution to the Folklore of the Aude made the following observation whilst Saunière was still alive in 1900.


“In the Aude, the peasants rather believe in the malignant spirit, the fairies and the underground geniuses than with the Virgin and the Angels


It seems that perhaps Bérenger Saunière may have been well in tune with the beliefs of his congregation -

Belief in the Faerie Folk, a Celtic Tradition.

Indeed a contemporary priest Henri Boudet had made reference to this tradition in his book

The Mountain of Soularac is also significant when viewed from Notre Dame de Marceille.


The Sun sets for three consecutive days during the Winter Solstice over Soularac when viewed from ND de Marceille.

Twin peaks of Soularac and ST Bartholomew viewed from
Notre Dame de Marceille
Now watch this

"Henry Lincoln is wrong by being right too soon" - Jean Luc Robin
elected Mayor of Rennes le Chateau.



Landscape Geometry






Writer of science with the
mission of the magician:
to encourage people
to approach life in
a state of Wonder.



If Mariano Tomatis doesn't want to be embarrassed by having his treatise thoroughly discredited by me then we can discuss it in private here

Running away however only invites ridicule.