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The Devil is in the detail.

angels Asmodeus
water stoop

As you enter the church at Rennes le Chateau immediately to your left is an enigmatic series of iconic figures

At one level they clearly represent a reference to the Alchemical four states of matter

Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Angels - Air : Salamanders - Fire : Shell - Water : Asmodeus - Earth

However in the centre between the Salamanders we have


What most definitely is a Pine Cone

Is this reference to the Pineal Gland in the brain?

The gland has the appearance of a Pine Cone.

The Pineal Gland is the Third Eye.



The position of the Pineal Gland and the Serpents

atop the tree of knowledge (the spinal cord)

right and left brain hemispheres

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Adam God

On the right God is the shape of the human brain.


And the Pineal Gland is associated to the Pleiades

This corresponds to the Cabala shown below


Let us examine Sauniere's church in more detail

From an Astrotheology/Astrology point of view.


The caption says

"By the sign you will conquer him".

Well the four angels are the making the sign of the Cross and this is the Cross in the sky i.e.


 The four Cardinal Canoptic stars

  • Canopus is part of the old constellation ARGO NAVIS

    The name Canopus is from the Coptic Kahi Nub meaning Golden Earth.

    Canopus appears on the Brazilian Flag along with Antares

    The sun and moon positions are at 17th January 1681 (10:00 - Time of the nymph)

    Notice the the moon is the centre of the ARC (French -Dôme)

    This is the Cross seen by Constantine I

    The Sol Invictus

    The Christian church (Started by King Constantine I) has designated this year as an age defined by the Christian faith first implemented by the pagan Holy Roman Emperor Constantine (pagan until his deathbed confession when he embraced Christianity). What marked the beginning of this age?

    The birth of an annointed king (Christ means - The Anointed One) or was this a Solar deity merely taking up his assigned position at a previously defined epoch that was marked by the particular status of the earth’s precession cycle? Was Jesus (IHS - IES : the Egyptian/Habiru name for the SUN) nothing like the person later portrayed by Constantine and his advisors who had a pressing political agenda to make the man Jesus into a God equivalent to the existing Roman Gods? Constantine had many faith’s being practiced within his empire and he was a practical man and politician. What better way to embrace the already present and influential Mithraism with its worship of the Invincible Sun (Sol Invictus) at the winter solstice to the birth of the anointed one representing the Christian Faith that was rising rapidly in its influence in the fourth century CE. Constantine reportedly embraced Christianity into his empire when he saw a cross in the sky that enabled him to win the battle of Milvian Bridge in 312CE. This cross was called Sol Invictus – Invincible Sun which is now Christmas Day which marks the celebration of the birth of the anointed one - Christ, whose official birthday is celebrated at the rebirth of the Sun or when the second brightest star in the sky Canopus briefly makes an appearance just above the horizon to the Egyptians due south from the Temple at Denderah on the Winter Solstice around 5600BCE.

    The entire Christian doctrine was begun with the observance of this Cross through Constantine I

    Archangel Raphael with Asmodeus

    It has been alleged by authors Paul Shellenberger and Richard Andrews that this bookplate belonged to Saunière and that it was in the museum at Rennes le Chateau for a short period before being removed.

    It shows the Archangel Raphael holding Asmodeus (Lord of the Earth) in chains.

    It refers to the Book of Tobit.

    However other sources say that the bookplate was placed in the museum by Jean Marrot

    In the book of Tobit

    Burning fish fumes sent Asmodeus into Egypt and

    Raphael places Asmodeus (Lord of the Earth) in chains.

     Raphael corresponds to the Royal star REGULUS


    There is however another interesting association



    is the small note allegedly found secreted in the wall of the Villa Bethania by friend of the then owner Jean Pellet.

    It gives a possible reference to the Devil. Which reads:

    Sot Pecheur a l’embouchure du Rhone, son poisson sur le gril deux fois retourna. Un malin survint et XXV fois le gouta. Cuit, il ne lui resta que l’arete. Un ange veillait et en fit un peigne d’or. B.S. Cur.
    Stupid fisherman at the mouth of the Rhone, he turned his fish on the grill twice. A devil popped up and tasted it 25 times. Cooked, all that remained was the bone. An angel watched and made a golden comb. B.S. Cur.

    It appears to be from a poem linked to a local fable called La Légende du Peigne d’Or (Legend of the Golden Comb).

    Which is linked to the Cathars and the village of Hautpoul North of Carcassonne close to Mazamet and the River Arnette which flows through both villages. There is a pathway to a statue called The White Lady and these resemble fishbones.

    It should be noted that Elisabeth d’Hautpoul-Rennes, or simply D'Hautpoul, was daughter of Jean Francois d’Hautpoul-Rennes, Knight Hospitaller Order of Malta. Since Elisabeth never got married, she was also the last heir of the main branch of the d’Hautpoul family. After 1781, she remained the unique owner of the castle in Rennes le Chateau, as well as of the mysterious documents which her paternal grand-father passed directly to her mother Marie Nègre d’Ables de Blanchefort.

    Marie de Nègre and François d’Hautpoul had 4 children. Marie (1734), Elisabeth (1735), Joseph (1737) and Gabrielle (1739). Joseph, who was supposed to have carried the bloodline forwards died in his infancy on March 8, 1739.

    Gabrielle married

    Vincent de Fleury

    Their son

    Paul Vincent Francois de Fleury is buried under suspicious circumstances in Rennes les Bains.

    Tomb of Vincent de Fleury

    The defaced tomb of Paul Vincent de Fleury which has been moved to its present position since his death. 



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