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Les Bergere d'Arcadie John the Baptist SamHain Line

and the constellation of Draco

the overhead view of La Serpent
 Here is the overhead view of the village of La Serpent and the highlighted (in green) land to the west of the village
strangely called

The pattern made on the ground is clearly the Constellation of

The constellation of DRACO with Ursa Major and Ursa Minor

Many have been criticized for imagining patterns in the land but here we have something different

Notwithstanding the strange name of the nearby village there are several things here which make this different.

Firstly the odd rendering of French here.

Snake in French is Serpent and is always masculine.
here LA Serpent is feminine.

One is instantly drawn to LA Serpent Rouge the Red Serpent

Returning again to the white hill, the sky opens its floodgates. Close to me a presence, its feet in the water, like one who has just received the mark of baptism, I turn away again to the east, facing me I see unwinding endlessly by his coils, the enormous RED SERPENT mentioned in the documents, rigid and bitter, the huge, unleashed beast at the foot of the white mountain beast becomes scarlet with anger.

"Revenant alors à la blanche coline, le ciel ayant ouvert ses vannes, il me sembla près de moi sentir une présence, les pieds dans l'eau comme celui qui vient de recevoir la marque du baptème, me retournant vers l'est, face à moi je vis déroulant sans fin ses anneaux, l'énorme SERPENT ROUGE cité dans les parchemins, salée et amère, l'énorme bête déchainée devint au pied de ce mont blanc, rouge en colère."

Since the WHITE HILL mentioned here is likely to be Blanchefort then look at this

The White Hill
The measured distance to the Church Tower/Altar in the village of La Serpent
to the White Hill.

(0.19 of a foot is about two inches)

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