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History of the Mystery

Our story starts with a French priest Bérenger Saunière who was the curé of the small village church in the Languedoc in Rennes le Chateau. He had a faithful servant girl from the nearby village whose name was Marie Dénarnaud. Marie Dénarnaud died as recently as January 23rd 1953.

The Corbu Family looked after Marie Dénarnaud in her old age. Marie had told the head of the family Noël Corbu not to worry about money because they are walking on gold. There will be enough to feed the whole village and there would still be some left over. She had promised to tell Noel Corbu the secret but she suffered a stroke and couldn't speak. She died without ever revealing the secret.

Bérenger Saunière had commanded the use of large amounts of money in his time as the curé in the church of Rennes le Chateau. He had renovated the church and built extensively around the village. Making a colonnade with a vista to the west. At the ends of the colonnade he placed a tower - The Tour Magdala. On the other he placed a glasshouse where he kept exotic birds. In the village he placed a hotel which he called Villa Béthanie. He also placed a water tower in the village and his funds were used to built a tarmac road up to the village.

In 1955 Noel Corbu transformed the rooms of the Villa Béthanie and remade it into a hotel, He opened the Magdala Tower to visitors and began a restaurant in the garden built by Saunière. These attracted  many visitors.  Noël Corbu recorded the history of Rennes-le-Chateau, his whole area and Bérenger Saunière himself. This text made it possible to the customers of the restaurant to discover this fabulous history.

Saunière originated from the nearby village of Montazels, close to Couiza and did not come to take the job of curé until June 1, 1885. For 7 years, the Abbé Bérenger Saunière carried out the life of very poor country priest. His finance records show that in February 1892 that his church was falling in ruins. He had asked a help from the Town council and they granted it to him. Some months after work had begun the workmen dismantling the Altar found in one of the pillars of the wooden rollers contained parchments. Saunière immediately stopped the work. He immediately took a trip to Carcassonne to see his Bishop.

From this point things changed for Saunière. He died in 1917.

After Marie Dénarnaud's death  in 1953 Noel Corbu had  reintroduced the story of Saunière to the immediate area around Rennes le Chateau however the story really broke with this article:

Depeche du Midi.

Here in January 1956 was three fall pages in the magazine Depeche du Midi telling the entire story. The insinuation here was that the treasure found was that of Blanche de Castille.


The story has it that author Géraud-Marie de Sède, baron de Liéoux was talking to a pig farmer who had worked as a guard at the Castle of Gisors in World War II

Some documents had been found at Gisors and in some way these had pointed to Rennes le Chateau. De Sède had written a book called 'The Templars amongst us' and this caught the attention of Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Cherisey.  De Sède and Plantard collaborated on the subject of Rennes-le-Château, resulting in the publication of L'Or de Rennes in 1967.

The publicity of L'Or de Rennes grew when English writer and actor Henry Lincoln found the book whilst on holiday and was immediately drawn to a coded message in the book. this was the what we have called in this website

The Dagobert parchment.

Henry Lincoln made three TV programmes for the BBC about the mystery of Rennes le Chateau and in the last one to be aired he introduced a 'Secret Society' to the world called

The Priory of Sion

It is too complex to go into details here in this potted version please see the rest of the website for more information.

Henry Lincoln was joined by Richard Leigh and Michael Baigent and together they wrote the international bestseller

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

and The Messianic Legacy.

This latter book showing the intrigue that was going on with the revelation of the Saunière millions.

However some more important books (for me) was another set of books written alone by Henry Lincoln. And also some lesser known French books.

One was of the better ones was called

The Holy Place

This book outlined the fact that the whole area around Rennes le Chateau was mapped out in some kind of Temple.

One has to remember that this whole area is Cathar country and was subjected to a crusade by the Roman Catholic Church called the Albigensian Crusade.

It should be noted that the Castle at Montségur was only occupied by the Albigensians for 40 years prior to the Crusade against them.

It was known as a Solar Temple prior to this.  

The Secret

After some time and much study I came to realise that the story of Jesus and the disciples is a myth made up by the early Roman writers. Mostly the Piso/Flavian dynasty.

Ancient documents using the title 'THE LORD' are in fact referring to  AUGUSTUS Rome's first Emperor and that the name JESUS is in fact referring to the Sun and is echoing the story of Mithras and other previous Gods associated with the movements of the Planets and the stars. 

Even the word Christos refers only to those who are anointed, which is many.

This is the secret that Saunière knew as he was a local to the Cathars and their beliefs which had been deemed heretical by the Holy Roman Church.

The Languedoc is littered with Menhirs and Stone circles showing a previous people who worshipped and marked the changing of the seasons and this movement of the stars in the Landscape.

Also several prominent alumni throughout the ages were also aware of the Holy Roman Church's deception. Notably

Leonardo Da Vinci

It seems that Philippe de Cherisey and to a lesser extent Plantard and De Sède had come to know this and, with the help of others previously, encoded this into their writings.

Saunière was a heretic but was not the only one in this area. several priests were also aware of the Secret.

The title of this website is taken from a book written by the Curé of nearby Rennes Les Bains

Henry Boudet.

Many regard Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Cherisey as merely front men to a larger conspiracy.
They were appointed to make the story public to aid flagging recruitment to more secret societies. Once this had been achieved the story was quashed.

"It was this data that was incorporated into the architecture of sacred
buildings. The aim was to produce the ideal temple of the celestial
ladder, linking the constellations following geometric proportions by
means of 'the rule, the compass and the square''.

This was the marvellous dream that Jacob had on the stone:

"Here is the house of God, here is the gate of heaven".

Everything is not therefore at Gisors. Although this letter is important:
it is the way, the column, the ladder, the last nail in order to liberate
the Prisoner. "Come on, be brave! Some more jolts and the treasure
bought at the price of such tears and blood is yours." The traveller, in
visiting the Prisoner's Tower, also finds engraved in the stone a Saint
Nicholas and a date (the other side of the cube): 1575.

Now Nicholas is in Greek the seeker of the stone; it is he who revives the three children.

Last word here to Pierre Plantard


by Roscoe

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