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St Michael

On the 29th September 1891

The Cure of Rennes le Chateau wrote the following into his diary:

Vu Curé de Névian, Chez Géllis, Chez Carrière, Vu Cros et Secret.”

 frequent attempts have been made to insist that Saunière meant to say Secrètaire here but shortened it. (without a single shred of evidence to support the notion)

Saunière was meticulous in including accents over letters in his diary - there is no accent in his diary for this word

I have spent hours (days even) trying to get it into people's heads that they have no evidence to make this assumption and yet they persist

Should you wish to take up this argument yet again you may do so HERE

But be warned

I'll destroy your argument and you'll end up running away.


"Considering Curé of Névian, saw Géllis; saw Carrière, considering Cros and

The 29th September is the Feast of

St Michael and All Angels.




St Michael slaying the dragon in Esperaza church

3.5km (2.17Miles) from Rennes le Chateau

Sword is held at 72º from the horizontal.

Sunset line at 72 degrees

This view is at 72 degrees from north (4/5th of a Quadrant)

In the distance are the snow-capped mountains of

Soularac (Solar Rock in Occitan) and St Bartholémy

which can be seen at this same angle from Esperaza church.

Here are the three Archangels in the church of St Sulpice in Paris.

Michael Raphael Gabriel st sulpice

(left to right) The angels Michael - Raphael - Gabriel

St Michael's spear is at 72º again

These three Angels (and a fourth called Uriel) represent the Royal Stars (as do the Gospel writers)

Michael represents Aldebaran (Tascheter) - and is the vernal equinox

Sigil for Aldebaran

The Watcher of the East)

You will remember that Michael is the ANGEL OF THE LORD,  and was the angel that told Hagar that she was with child with the son of Abraham and that she would bear Ishmael who is revered in Islam.(Genesis 16). Abraham's other son was of course was the Jewish Patriarch Isaac whom Yahweh had declared his covenant with whilst still in the womb of Sarai (Sarah). Sarah meaning princess who was the half sister of an Egyptian Pharaoh. This is a split between the Judeo/Christian religion and Islam to this day. For Yahweh to declare his covenant with an as yet unborn child could only mean that he was of Royal Blood through Sarah, an Egyptian Princess..

 The Archangel MICHAEL is also the angel that the Shepherds abiding in the fields saw on the birth of Jesus. (Luke 2)

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

The Angel of the Lord (Michael - French: Michel) is star marking a specific date in a solely ASTROLOGICAL event.

The Aldebaran (α Tau) Arabic (الدبران al-dabarān) translates literally as "the follower", because this bright star appears to follow the Pleiades, or the "Seven Sisters" star cluster in the night sky.

And several religions notably the Watchtower Society (Jehovah's Witnesses) believe that God lives in the Pleiades.

Interestingly the Nebra Sky Disk (circa 1600BCE) which clearly shows the Pleiades, was found on what is thought by archaeologists to have been an star observatory. The Nebra Sky Disk found in Germany was made of tin from Cornwall.

 The place it was found is called

Mittelberg Hill

Mittelberg Hill
You will notice that Mittelberg Hill is a Conical Shaped Hill

So is Glastonbury

Glastonbury eclipse
The 1999 partial eclipse at Glastonbury

On the top is St Michael's Tower
St Michael's tower at Beltane
This is on the St Michael's Ley Line
from Carn les Boel through St Michaels Mount, Borrowbridge Mump, Glastonbury, Avebury, Royston through Bury St Edmonds Abbey to Hopton on Sea
St michael's Ley Line

This is on the St Michael's Ley Line
from Carn les Boel through St Michaels Mount, Borrowbridge Mump, Glastonbury, Avebury, Royston through Bury St Edmonds Abbey to Hopton on Sea

Carn les Boel
Carn les Boel

The start point of the St Michael - Dragon Ley Line


The Summary so far


St Michael slaying the dragon in Esperaza church

3.5km (2.17Miles) from Rennes le Chateau

Sword is held at 72º from the horizontal.

Sunset line at 72 degrees

This view is at 72 degrees from the vertical

The mountains

Soularac (Solar Rock in Occitan) and St Bartholémy will be seen at this same angle from Esperaza church.

Michael Raphael Gabriel at St Sulpice

Michael Raphael Gabriel depicted at  St Sulpice

(left to right) The angels Michael - Raphael - Gabriel in the church of St Sulpice in Paris.

St Michael's spear is at 72º again
Notice Tobit and the fish at the side of Raphael.

These three Angels represent the Royal Stars (as do the Gospel writers)

Michael represents Aldebaran (Tascheter) - vernal equinox

French Geometry


Soularac is mentioned in a report of a meridian measurement by the well respected astronomer Delambre in 3 volumes of work from 1806 to 1810 that followed ground measurements in 1797 by Méchain[i1] here it is referred to as Eastern Peak of the Saint-Bartholémy Mount and the “Peak of Estangtost”. Delambre was born in Amiens in 1749 and was an astronomer and mathematician; he was a remarkable man who had a childhood illness which gave him the fear that he would soon go blind. As a result of this he read every book that was available to him and immersed himself in Greek and Latin literature. He also acquired the ability to memorise entire pages and to recite them verbally word for word. He also became fluent in Italian, English and German and even published a book called “Rules and methods to easily learn English.”. However his interest in astronomy is quite relevant to our story and Delambre’s contribution to the science of Astronomy is so great that he has a crater on the moon named after him.

In 1790 the French National Constituent Assembly asked the French Academy of Sciences to introduce a new unit of measurement and they decided on the metre. This is defined as 1/10,000,000 of the distance from the North Pole to the equator and Academy of Sciences prepared to measure the length of the meridian between Dunkerque (Dunkirk) and Barcelona and this portion of the meridian also passes through Paris. In April 1791 the task of placing the meridian was given to Jean-Dominique de Cassini, Adrien Legendre and Pierre Méchain. Cassini was chosen to head the northern expedition but as a royalist he refused to serve under the revolutionary government. On February 15th 1792 Delambre was elected unanimously a member of the French Academy of Sciences and in May 1792, after Cassini’s final refusal Delambre was placed in charge of the Northern expedition, which measured down the meridian from Dunkirk to Rodez. Pierre Méchain headed the southern expedition from Rodez to Barcelona. The measurements were finished by 1798 and the data gathered was presented to an international conference in 1799. Delambre was appointed director of the Paris Observatory after the death of Méchain and he was also appointed a professor of Astronomy at the college de France. Assisted by his wife and his stepson Delambre continued the measurement of baselines and also the latitude survey for the Paris Observatory. In June 1792 it appears that Méchain made a mistake in his calculations to fix the size of the metre and having discovered the mistake his guilt nearly drove him mad and he died in an attempt to correct himself. Delambre discovered the mistake but decided to seal the evidence of the error in a vault at the Paris Observatory and it was only discovered 200 years later in 1992.

A clue of the relevance of Delambre to our story besides his mention in his writings of the mountain of Soularac (Solar Rock) can be found in his full name -

Jean Baptiste Joseph chevalier Delambre

Jean Baptiste Chevalier Delambre

Ordre de St Michael
For he was a member of the chivalric Order of Saint Michael (Ordre de Saint-Michel) (the Delambre Armorial  is shown  note the Order of St Michael is hanging below his Armorial). This Order is the oldest Royal order of chivalry in France founded by Louis XI on August 1st 1469.

Delambre coat of arms

The statutes provided that the knights should meet annually on the feast of their patron the Archangel Michael which is of course the 29th September (Michaelmas)[i1] at the chapel of the monastery of Saint Michael off Normandy which has the nearest city of RENNES close by.

The British have the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George founded in 1818 and the two orders are not to be confused and have no direct affiliation but do show a common reverence to the same archangel.

Delambre was an exceptional astronomer and mathematician and in 1795 he was admitted to the Bureau des Longitudes, becoming its President in 1800 a year later he was appointed secretary to the Académie des Sciences making him the most powerful figure in science in France. An International Commission for Weights and Measures was set up and Delambre reported his results to it in February 1799. By June of that year, after Méchain had also reported, a definitive platinum bar of length one metre [I A2]was made to become the basis of the metric system. Delambre published details of the whole project in Base du système métrique. The first of the three volumes, containing the history of measurement of the Earth and the project's triangulation data, was published in 1806. When Delambre presented it to Napoleon, the emperor said:

“Conquests will come and go but this work will endure”
In 1809, Napoleon requested that the Académie des Sciences award a prize for the best scientific publication of the decade, the award went to Delambre for his work on the meridian.

meridian_closeupThe second volume of the work, published in 1807, contained the data for the accurate latitude calculations of Dunkerque and Barcelona. The method of repeated triangulations for calculating the zero meridian is shown here right and from this work, the length of the metre was fixed as an integer proportion of the earth’s radius. Careful observers will notice however that this line runs through the mountain of Bugarach and through La Cité d’Carcassonne.

[i1]You are reminded that this was the day that Saunière wrote the word SECRET in his diary.

[i1]His particular interest was deep sky objects. He also discovered the Comet Encke in 1786

So who is Saint Michael?

You will remember that the feast day of St Michael is Michelmas

29th September

The day Sauniére wrote the word SECRET in his diary.

In France St Michael's biggest representation is at Mont St Michel in Brittany.

He is always depicted slaying the Dragon or Lucifer

Here is Mont St Michel in the distance with the island of Tombelaine in the foreground

and Tombelaine looks every bit like a slain dragon.

Also the name Tombelaine gives the impression that it is the tomb of Elaine and she features in the Arthurian legends as the mother of Sir Lancelot.

This is fitting as Brittany is the centre of the Grail Legends in France particularly around the City of Rennes and the
Brocéliande Forest where the legend is strongest.

Although Elaine is the mother of Sir Lancelot, St Helen was the mother of King Constantine and it was she who found the "True Cross"

Could that cross have been this one?

Sigil for Aldebaran
The Sigil for the Royal Star

And part of the PAX CHI-RHO


And in Brittany (Grail Country) we have


The Sunrise line from Mont Dol to Rocher de Tombelaine is 66.6º

The Star ALDEBARAN rises at 66.6º on the 29th September
(the feast day of St Michael)

A side note here

the famous Occultist Aleister Crowley called himself
The Great Beast 666
when asked what this meant he replied
"It means Sunlight"

The 29th September is day Saunière wrote the word
 in his diary
  File:Mont St Michel 3, Brittany, France - July 2011.jpg 
St Michael's Mount - Cornwall  Mont St Michel - Brittany 

These two prominent points on the map appear on another SAINT MICHAEL (DRAGON) LEY LINE

Starting at


Offshore from MARAZION (Market Zion)



St Michael weighing the souls
Borges Cathedral

St Michael Basilica de Notre Dame Lyon

St Michael over the Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere in Lyon
Close to where Saunière stayed during his trips to the Martinist meetings there

and finishing at

Mount Carmel

Part of the Saint Michael (Dragon) Ley line
with the
Paris Meridian
which is
666 statute miles long

Here is the Archangel St Michael in the church of St Sulpice
painted by Eugene Delacroix

Saint Sulpice is built upon the


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