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 PHILIPPE Toscan du Plantier

The identity of this person remains a mystery and may not even exist, although in their book THE SION REVELATION the authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince insist that he was a real person . The person mentioned in the dossiers Secret is PHILIPPE Toscan du Plantier. It is true that there was a Daniel Toscan du Plantier a French film director who died in 2004 and Picknett and Prince insist that PHILIPPE was a member of the same family. DANIEL Toscan du Plantier worked with well known directors such as Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini. His third wife Sophie Tuscan du Plantier died in what is still an unsolved murder. A French court ruled that Ian Bailey, 62, from Manchester, killed glamorous French TV producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier in December 1996.But despite being sentenced to 25 years in jail, Bailey is still free and protesting his innocence. Bailey was the prime suspect, but the Irish Director of Public Prosecutions ruled long ago that there was “no evidence” against him.

Sophie and Daniel du Plantier

Sophie and DANIEL Toscan du Plantier

The framing of Ian Bailey in the case of the murder Sophie Tuscan du Plantier

Philippe de Cherisey did indeed work with Daniel Toscan du Plantier during his acting career.

Daniel and new wife Melita at the Da Vinci Code premier

Here is Daniel Toscan du Plantier and new wife Melita at

the Cannes film festival in 2006 at the premier of Dan Brown's

The Da Vinci Code.


Philippe Toscan du Plantier was arrested for possession of LSD on the 11th April 1967 this arrest was in the papers and may well have been used by the depositors of the Dossier Secrets. In the 1980s Plantard and de Cherisey disowned him on account of his drug abuse.  

Secrets records of Henri Lobineau were allegedly signed by Philippe Toscan du Plantier and were legally filed at the National Library on April 27, 1967, a few months before the publication of L'Or de Rennes (Julliard) where the author Gerard de Sède, makes this known to the public by citing in his book.

The Secrets records of Henry Lobineau (signed by Toscan du Plantier) is dedicated to

"Monseigneur the Comte du Rhedae, Duc du Razés, the legitimate descendant of Clovis I, King of the Franks, serene ardent offspring of 'King and Saint' Dagobert II, his humble servant presents this collection forming the 'Secret File' of Henri Lobineau"



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