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Interview with Jean Luc Chaumeil

translated from a French article.


Third and last interview devoted to his relations with Philippe de Cherisey, Gino Sandri and André Douzet. He also evokes his next book.


  • Gazette of Rennes-le-Chateau:

 Philippe de Cherisey occupied a particular place in the trio. What was his role?

  • Jean-Luc Chaumeil:

    • After Porthos, us here with Aramis, the Marquis Philippe de Cherisey, gentleman-actor, heavy drinker in front of the eternal, Knight of the round table, member of Cincinnati whose will appears in famous "Pierre and Papier" (Stone and Paper) that we will publish in our next book, twenty years after its death, according to his desires... I acknowledge that I poured more than one tear in August 1985, him who had found the secrecy of Mort thanks to its Excalibur sword.

Besides him [de Chèrisey] this book is dedicated as to Daniel Réju and Moreau de Valdan, the Grand druid of the Ligure brotherhood. Philippe was a very elegant, careful man of his person, great scholar and an expert swordsman in the polemic. But he had a tendency to making up too much, carried by its passion and his gargantuesque liveliness. Thus I learned in one from his letters that I had discovered the secrecy in the valley of the crosses or Rennes les Bains. It called Plantard, Basile, the Greek king and he had excavated with him in Gisors, in the cellars of Mrs Breton where they had found tons of droppings as a treasure of Templiers, then in the area of Rennes, in particular with the source of the Madeleine. In my mother, it was to intervene within the framework of the Priory of Sion, but Plantard refused, smelling the danger... Damage, "the crowned enigma" would perhaps not have left. Then came the first days of January 1981. Cherisey intended to come to Blois, médusé by the audacity of its Master, but in vain. Plantard had not invited him and due..., Plantard did not leave Colombes this day, the day before like the following days... I tracked it and my cushy job, although uncomfortable, was very effective... For Cherisey, it was finished, even if, thereafter, it accepted some crumbs symbolic systems of which it was never easily deceived! As for Plantard, upset American friendships of Philippe, it did not attend its burial! Plantard, stolen and exploited by the English, turned over like a pancake after the Pelat business, gave up for a time with his jokes which some quite disposed people were to take [up] again!

  • Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Cherisey Gazette:

Trio, only Gino Sandri is still alive. In which circumstances you did meet it and which was its place in the Priory of Sion?

 Jean-Luc Chaumeil:

I know Gino Sandri for a good quarter century. It did not change and I regard it as Poulidor of the esotericism. In my first interview made on the site of Jean-Patrick Pourtal, I said that I had met it as a simple reader who wanted, at all costs, to meet Pierre Plantard. It was thing made at the time of the turning of film for the BBC in my mother, in her gallery, 10 street of Roi de Sicile. There present were Henri Lincoln, Michael Baigent, Richard Lee [sic], Roy Davis, the marquis Philippe de Cherisey, Pierre Plantard and his wife, your servant [Chaumeil] and his wife, and Gino Sandri. This last, at that time, was entitled the "secretary of Mr Canseliet"!

He swore only by "Fulcanelli", criticizing Julien Champagne, whereas Robert Amadou and well of others knew that this pseudonym was the? of a college of high ranks working the Royal art. Consequently, Gino Sandri lies as of the first sentence which is capital. As for the remainder, it acts of a usual blah, modelled with Spanish sauce of Norberto where one tries to restick well broken pieces, to see my book "the Table of Isis". But there is more serious! Author of anonymous leaflets with Plantard and Louis Vazart, calumniating my person, still recently in a bookseller of Toulon! Attacker Fred-Yves Boisset in a ashamed polemic, it continues to pour its gall and forgets... He forgets that he was my witness of marriage in 1981! How the audio cassette, at the time of turning in my mother! Then it tries to exist while waiting to take a final snap, according to the old proverb: "It is to better prevent that to cure". Lastly, he invents! "the Treasury of the gold Triangle" has one contract with Alain Lefeuvre in 1979 and it was republished five times, at Veyrier and Trédaniel with "Prime Minister with the Templier Last". In the same way, Descadeillas had to be turned over in his tomb when Plantard and Co said that his book was the fact of a man condemned for breach of trust in 1953. Two other note: 1) the photograph of the curious stone forms part of my book and all those which use it without my permission fall under the blow from the law! 2) the photograph of the Abbé Boudet , criticized in his time by Ribouldingue and Filochard, belongs to me with my joint author Jacques Rivière. Definitely, another time, others murmurs! Thus wind, flight, lies because Gino Sandri lost in 1982 its first dad and that there remain to him only ashes of his last guru.

  • Jean-Luc Chaumeil and Pierre Plantard Gazette:

    You wish to publish a book in 2005 with André Douzet. It is in the form of letter that you present it at the readers of the Gazette.


  • Jean-Luc Chaumeil:

    Letter With André Douzet

    My dear André,

    You have more than one length in advance on all the sites which turn in round; they say it themselves. With that two reasons! You included/understood the great ritual of Queste and you exert it on the spot in a masterly way. It is certain that to pass from Holy-Cross-in-Jarez by the means of Beatrice of Roussillon to the lords of Roussillon through the ages until discovered of the three ritous while returning to Jerusalem on Mount-Sion deserves a detailed attention; especially if, now, fixed Opoul-Périllos, FOR a precise TIME, our history. It is quite obvious that Saint-Patrick intoxicated "the order of Galaad" which is connected thus with the Club of Graal, but the door is several doors: Montsaunès, Bugarach, Salses and all those which you know. Us thus delivered here to fix "the eternity" of a disappeared capital "Reda" which opens the kingdom of Agartha. The means are the "Delta", the square "Sator", the letter "G". To illustrate our matter and to refine our synopsis, I will prove on the historical level that Reda is not Rennes-le-Chateau! Consequently, you enter in scene with Opoul, Montsaunès and Bugarach initially. I set out again on Gisors and the lords of Flavacourt by showing that the Sainte-Catherine vault was built in 1522, evidence with the support. You counter me with the Tower of Neaufles and the history of the Blanche queen whose king was Nicolas Flamel. I answer on the vault of the Saint-Jacob Tower with his frescos on the pilgrims of Emmaüs. You connect on Cabrières and the Diva: developments on Martin. Us there again at Sauniere Béranger and Alfred which prick the Bigou plan that I have just had, which becomes the chart of Edmond Boudet. Henri, the brother, is annoyed, Gélis also, then Rescanières. The poison, the sword and the magic make the remainder. In Etretat, the presidents meet, then a German commando intervenes. The needle of the animal breaks; the successors of Cagliostro try to seize the seal which is the delta of Sirius; it is the drift: 74 dead programmed in the thirty-six ritual one of the Ark of the Covenant... Bugarach 2004, Puivert 2004, Lastours 2004: magic delta that "the order of Galaad" tries to recover in Ireland and in the caves of the old field of Périllos. Reconstituted in SOLAR TEMPLE, reference to the old Montségur place and the robbers of fire of 1994, a new drama prepares because, out of ground of Galaad, Sion, hidden in Agartha, the invaluable stone of Roerich keeps discovered by the French explorer: Vérendrye in 1744! In addition, Polycarpe, with us two, becomes the hero, defender of the graal. In its annals of Avignon and its list of the bishops of Sion as in the explanation of the formula of Constantin who is the seal of Sirius, it indicates the town of AERIA which is not other than AER-REDA OR AGARTHA, key of the kingdom of the dead ones which was, formerly in Etretat, in the Talbot tower, then in another tower built by Elie Bot. Alcor seen by Corbu, making turn the tables with Plantard, Anne and the marquis which formed the last trio of researchers of invisible with a egery, Brigitte Bardot with whom I danced, twenty-five years ago, and which passed to me the virus of the gold of the Moors that certain Abderraman made keep by its gold goat. This stage, I publish "Pierre and Papier" where the marquis takes his revenge on the wrongfully lost king, like I put on the table my fifth of talks Corbu-Plantard. I develop his biography, especially when he was a sexton with the parish Saint-Louis d' Antin. King Basile does not break down, but it is burned like the cathares!! Its successors sandrinesques, pertaining to "the order of Graal", small poucets vampires, try to become the black followers by inventing the royalty of the modern woman. They had forgotten Roseline of Villeneuve from which the eyes bored by Louis XIV are still large open. Moreau de Valdan had seen just; it intervenes because it passed the torch to you. Us reunited with Lupé, in the brotherhood of the wolves, the animals of Gévaudan, Alleys, Babaos of Prats-of-Mollo. January seventeen, Marlins Bleus are occis on an octave calvé; they come from Marles but they became "Pimps". They escape from little from the sacrifice from Bugarach proposed by the descendants from the Solar Temple. The twelve turns, joined together with OPOUL, resuscitates in Quermanço, close to Figueras on June 14, 2004 with a concert of Albert Blancafort and his giant Organ of the tramontana animated by God AER who comes from Reda. This day, two days after the conference on RLC where a new slaughter is polished, old God emerges and redraws the ground of Galaad with his rebis Durban-Paris. Here is thus an outline of plan, thanks to the model whose reversed systems do not have escaped in Orcival and André of Roussillon. Combining fiction and reality, we thus find a new kind on three levels because the end which is not that another beginning finishes with Our-injury-of-Marceille, then with the castle of the watchers, Coustaussa and the discovery of an unknown company, the company of Arcadiens. Await with a sharp agitation your reaction to this diagram because, obviously, we will make prophetic work with two other places, Taillefer where the Mélusine fairy appears and Alet where Nostra Causa was formerly heard at the same time by Nicolas Pavillon, the standard of Beaucéant, and Nostradamus, the knight of Sirius... Gazette: Which will be the title of the book and its authors? Jean-Luc Chaumeil: "Operation Delta-Reda-Agartha or the Passage of the Patriarchs of Mr Madeleine or...".

    The publication is envisaged according to the desire of Philippe de Cherisey in 2005 and also that of the Trédaniel editor. The authors are Jean-Luc Chaumeil, André Douzet,

Daniel Réju, Moreau de Valdan and Philippe de Cherisey; our last three friends having joined the great light of the other World.

  • Jean-Luc Chaumeil Gazette:

    Which would be your last council to apprehend the history of Reindeer-le-Chateau?


  • Jean-Luc Chaumeil:

    With regard to the places, one cannot include/understand the history of Rennes without to have peeled the lower parts of the business of Gisors as the intrigue concerning the discovery of the scrolls of the Dead Sea and, in particular, the famous copper scroll, to have restored recently in France by E.D.F, indicating the hiding-places of the Treasury of king Solomon. Naturally these various investigations are in the book! Opinion of the drafting: The high verb and the shock formula, Jean-Luc Chaumeil, such as in itself, entrusted with passion and without reserve on his multiple youth and his meetings. We discovered an impassioned and enthralling, excessive man sometimes, often intransigent. We will not hesitate to keep you informed of his literary production. Johan©, January 26, 2004 A forum treats Priory of Sion! Post your comments (3) First part - Second part "Pierre and paper" Warning of the drafting: the remarks of Jean-Luc Chaumeil were reproduced just as they are with his request! The drafting of the Gazette does not take again on its account allusions against certain people and will grant to them a right of reply, with them or their family, if they make the request of it! The questions and comments are drafting.

    Thanks: the drafting thanks Jean-Luc Chaumeil for the authorization to publish the photographs. It also thanks the webmasters which sent to him the illustrations of the three numbers of the article!

This is a straight translation and little or no rearrangement has been made from Chaumeil's remarks. Any objections should be made to the feedback page.

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