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Letter of Jacques CHOLET to the mayor of Rennes-le-Chateau May 31, 1955

 Mister the mayor of Rennes-le-Chateau

Having already obtained the authorization of the religious authorities, I solicit you [to make authorization] in the church of your village research, surveys and possibly [including] excavations, even [with]in the church , its dependences and on its circumference. It is clearly understood that this research will be made in agreement with Abbé REGAUD so that the exercise of the worship is by no means disturbed. The purpose of this research is [in] principal to find the hidden treasures [deposited] several centuries ago by various people having lived Rennes le Chateau and likewise [certain] secondary goals, to seek to clear up certain points of history and archaeology.

Having only surroundings one month to make this research, there are several cases to consider.

1°) I do not [keep] anything, all is given [to the] state.

2°) There are one or more lucky finds, report will be made of it by usher and the totality of the values will be [turned over into] the hands of the representatives of the state who will undertake his transformation into Francs and will equitably distribute the shares with [those] having the rights [of ownership] (state, owners, inventor).

3°) research is [under]way, but [if] there is no time [for] me to finish the research, then [with] agreement [from] you and the representatives of the religious authorities I [will] close up again temporarily but firmly [any] excavations or surveys and you commit yourselves in writing [to] not granting permissions to other researchers without my agreement, because as soon as my profession leaves me some leisure time, I will resume [any] stopped work [immediately].

Sincerely yours

CHOLET Jacques
Chef de Section de la Régie
Autonome des Transports Parisiens
Contremaître en travaux publics
7, rue Pierre Curie
Verrier le Buisson - Seine et Oise

Following is a handwritten note, probably of the hand of Mr. LAMBEGE, then mayor of Rennes-le-Chateau:

Authorization [is] granted for possible excavations [with]in the enclosure of the church except for the cemetery and taking into account the formal engagements stipulated on the present letter.

Rennes-le-Chateau, May 31, 1959.

The Mayor


Rose Croix Veritas note: Words in brackets are my addition to make the text more grammatically acceptable when translated from French into English. Every effort has been made to preserve the original meaning.


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