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Lobineau Document

Found in the Dossiers Secret

The following framed passage was attributed to someone called Henri Lobineau.

One day the descendants of Benjamin left their country, some remained, two thousand years later Goddfrey[sic] VI became King of Jerusalem and founded THE ORDER OF SION. From this wonderful story which adorns history, in the same way that the architecture of a temple whose pinnacle is lost in the immensity of space and time, of which POUSSIN wished to declare the mystery in his two pictures, the 'Shepherds of Arcadia', there is without doubt the secret of the treasure before which the descendants, countryfolk and shepherds, of the proud Sicambrian Franks reflect on 'et in Arcadia ego', the and King Midas. Before 1200BC, an important event is the arrival of the Hebrews in the Promised Land and their tardy installation in Canaan. In the Bible, Deuteronomy 33; it is said of BENJAMIN: This is the beloved one of the Eternal, he shall dwell in security by him, the Eternal shall shelter him always, and reside between his shoulders [pictogram] It is moreover stated in Joshua 18 that the lot given as inheritance to the sons of BENJAMIN included among the fourteen towns and their villages: JEBUSI these days Jerusalem with it's three points of a triangle GOLGOTHA, SION and BETHANY [pictogram] And finally it is written in Judges 20 and 21: 'Not one of us shall give his daughter as wife to a Benjamite - O Eternal, God of Israel, why has this occurred in Israel for one tribe to be missing today in Israel' From the great enigma of Arcadia VERGIL who was in the secret of the Gods, lifted the veil in the Pastorals X -46/50 'You far from your homeland (let me not believe such). Without me, you gaze upon the snow clad Alps and the frosty Rhine. May you not be injured by frostbite! May the soles of your delicate feet not be cut by sharp ice!' SIX DOORS or the seal of Destiny, here are the secrets of the parchments of the Reverend Sauniere, priest of Rennes-le-Chateau, and which before him the great initiate POUSSIN knew when he realised his work to the order of the POPE, the inscription on the tomb is the same.

The Arcadian shepherds reflect not only on Et In Arcadia Ego, but also on the hexagram. Furthermore, the significance of the two paintings of the Arcadian shepherds is known to Lobineau.

The hexagram, Saunière's parchments, Poussin's knowledge and the inscription on the tomb are said to be interrelated.

Henri Lobineau is most definately a made up name. According to a man called Lionel Burrus who writing in a journal called Semaine Catholique Genevoise (there appears to be no publication of that name) Henri Lobineau is in fact a man called Leo R Schidlof, who had recently died in Vienna on the 17th October 1966 nineteen days before its appearance in the Bibliothèque Nationale (a pattern is emerging here).

Burrus, who claimed to be representing an organisation called the Swiss Christian Youth, was apparently defending this recently deceased man from an attack apparently made in a Roman Catholic bulletin. The motive for this attack was, according to Burrus, is the Vatican's loathing for the Merovingians' descendents. Burrus says they accused Schidlof of being pro-Soviet and a 'notorious Freemason'.  Schidlof was in fact an authority on miniatures.

It is clear that someone is trying to push a concept into the public domain.

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