Rose Croix Veritas

Les Bergere d'Arcadie John the Baptist SamHain Line


The hand gestures

More hand gestures [?]


Rose Line Gnomon St Sulpice, Paris

The pulpit

La Poulpe - The Octopus


Perillos Village

From where the Hautpoul family originated.


The enigmatic

Christian Allegory

By Jan Provost

Castle on the hill in Poussin's

Grapes of the promised Land.



Christ of the hare

Displayed in the Church of Rennes les Bains

Artist unknown

So named because of the curious Hare's head on the knee of Christ


La Pierre Droite

At the apex of Wood's Pentacle.

It leans directly towards Rennes le Chateau.


Source du Cercle Chalice Well at Glastonbury

Heliodorus being purged from the temple - By Eugene Delacoix in St Sulpice, Paris

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